I read with interest the June 21, 2019, Coconino Voices article by the Chamber of Commerce arguing that the decision by Mayor Evans and Councilmembers McCarthy, Aslan, Shimoni to increase the property tax again by 2% is ill-conceived.

While Councilmembers Jamie Whelan, Charlie Odegaard and Regina Salas voted against this increase, in a separate agenda item and then only Regina Salas voted against adopting the proposed FY2020 city budget.

If you connect the dots, this means that by voting yes on the proposed FY2020 budget, Councilmembers Whelan and Odegaard are actually expressing support for the 2% property tax increase because it is incorporated into the budget.

If they really don’t support the property tax increase, on July 2 they both should vote no on the FY2020 city budget. Otherwise, their no votes on the property tax increase does not mean anything.



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