The council in 2005 negotiated with builders to give the city land for so-called affordable housing, like Schultz Pass and Sawmill. Seems that every time the city tries to take advantage of the negotiated lands for affordable housing, the "not in my backyard" folks arise. Now, it's being asked that the Schultz Pass land be designated "Open Space."

The council needs to either build on negotiated land designated for affordable housing or forget about addressing the issue of affordable housing. Yes, councilmembers see these issues like bending to the "not in my backyarders" as votes in their upcoming political elections.

It has always been my stance that locally elected councilmembers should put the needs of the community majority first and over the special interests and their own personal projects/biases.

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We supposedly elected these councilmembers to represent our community at large and make hard decisions that benefit our community. If special interest groups are going to dominate the city council, then councilmembers need to step aside and let special interest groups make the decisions.



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