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 I wanted to thank the Daily Sun and staff writer Corina Vanek for another informative, fair and balanced article about the Flagstaff Open Space, Parks and Recreation campaign (FOSPR) published on Thursday, February 8. I would like to take this opportunity to clarify the last statement and one that a few on the City staff have been advocating on and off over the past year. The purpose of FOSPR has always been intended as a “ballot question” in collaboration between the City Council, staff and community members.

Our example was the Coconino County Parks and Recreation Campaign (CPOS), which was a sales tax ballot question (1/8th of one cent) passed by voters in 2002. The tax was collected from everyone who purchased goods in Flagstaff and Coconino County from 2003-2012 when it expired. It raised over $33 million dollars for County parks, trails and open space. It was an outstanding success for residents and visitors to Flagstaff and Coconino County. We all paid that 1/8th of a cent tax for 12 years and I bet very few of us noticed.

To clarify, FOSPR is NOT interested in pursuing any initiative. The citizens of Flagstaff have made our case and it is now in the hands of the City Council to move FOSPR forward onto the November ballot or shut it down. We have great respect for the integrity and dedication of our City Council members and will trust in whatever decision is made. But, there will be NO initiative option.




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