I watch a lot of City Council meetings and I'm disappointed at how hard it can be to follow the discussion and votes of the Mayor and councilmembers. If you watched the recent council meetings about the controversy over the motorized bicycle issue, you'd know what I'm talking about.

Even for someone like me who listens carefully, many times I can't figure out which councilmembers voted yes and which voted no. Therefore, in the interest of helping the voters understand a process that is not intuitive and, in fact, can be confusing, especially for newcomers to the council chambers, I suggest Mayor Evans clearly recap the vote breakdown, and then whether the ordinance passed or not. Even in a work session, it can be difficult to grasp what direction council is giving staff. Mayor Evans should clearly state what the direction is for the benefit of both the public and staff so we don't have to go back and watch the video after the fact.

It's important that Mayor Evans recognize that the voters and taxpayers of Flagstaff are not all experts in public policy making and the parliamentary process, so she should do better on being clear about the outcome of each agenda item before zooming right along to the next agenda item and leaving the public confused. Clarity is always a good thing.



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