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I realize that exciting headlines make for great news sales but lets give the public the facts. I really think that the Associated Press article on tax cuts that will benefit corporations and the wealthiest is a misdirected aim. I understand there are those that will put down this current administration but the crime is  that some feel that it is better to be combative or negative rather than give the president and Congress a chance to succeed.

It is unconscionable to condemn without real reason. I am happy that there will be tax cuts for corporations, they are the ones that hire us. They need to succeed and the more revenue they are able to retain, the more they can grow. Your headline points to one part with a negative tone for the reader. It only states further in the article that the tax cuts are for everyone, including middle-class which is me and, I imagine, you. I have been a northern Arizona resident since 1976 and I have seen Flagstaff turn into a beautiful place. We need better news than the grocery store register rack hype that is blasphemous just to make a buck.




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