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 Flagstaff and other cities are turning a page on jobs and income!

On Jan. 24, 5:30 p.m., at the Aquaplex, the city of Flagstaff will welcome public input on a historic Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP).

Think of Flagstaff like a tiny country. For years it has imported energy from the outside. This energy, carbon-based, propels our cars, heats our homes, pumps our water, runs our manufacturing facilities, and has done so in ever greater amounts. Imports from Page or Texas or Canada have meant massive cash outflows.

The CAAP opens the way to reversing that cash flow. We already have a glimpse of this in the solar panels at schools or the projected solarization of the San Francisco de Asis facilities, with major savings and gains. Solar installation and maintenance, specifically jobs and incomes, become more local while the ultimate energy source is free.

A strong CAAP is a big step to altering our energy landscape for our benefit.

But it is clever, too. It sets the stage for being ahead of the national energy switchover. The carbon fee and dividend policy promoted by the Citizens Climate Lobby is a national inevitability. Putting a fee on carbon products and providing dividends back to US households will further a substitution effect locally going solar! A strong CAAP gives our community the jump. A solar Flagstaff can bring jobs and income and make even housing and transportation more affordable.

And yes, it does help slow climate change.

Be at the Aquaplex!




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