Following the article "S.D. Nelson and the Dark Skies Coalition propose changes to Buffalo Park" (ADS 2019/03/24) the Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition has been pleased to see the recognition of the dark sky values of our community, and of Buffalo Park in particular.

But we feel one clarification is in order – The Coalition has taken no position regarding the Buffalo statue at the entrance. The Coalition has only discussed a proposal, informally at this point, to improve the parking lot, restrooms and associated amenities at the park (we even propose minimal lighting in the parking lot!). Our concern as an organization is with fostering increased awareness and enjoyment of Flagstaff's wonderful dark skies.

We hope all readers will come and enjoy the 2019 Flagstaff Star Party at Buffalo Park September 26-28! See FlagstaffStarParty.org.


Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition

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