Our City Council has been talking about affordable housing and the high cost to live and own a business here. I cannot remember a weekly meeting that it hasn’t been mentioned.

The council solidified a different message by increasing the cost to own/rent by increasing property tax. If it were just this one cost increase, there would be no support for my concern. Councilmembers Whelan, Odegaard and Salas voted “No.”

As Mayor Coral stated Tuesday night, this increase will allow the city to hire more staff: Housing Development Coordinator, $75,000/yr, and a Code Compliance position, $36,000/yr, to check exterior lighting and for a Winter Holiday.

I have had discussions with trusted individuals about new city staffing positions being asked for and was told they were not needed, waste of money. These positions listed were obviously the positions mentioned as not needed.

Other cost the city has increased: building permits, and mandating 240-volt receptacles in front of every garage parking spot. It is for your current or future electric car. New Building/Energy Code passed Tuesday night (Coral and Regina voted NO). Cost: residential $2k, commercial $12K.

There are more added costs that have been approved and more coming.

It is time the City Council makes up their mind what is it they want for Flagstaff. They cannot demand more tax dollars from our residence and expect homes to become affordable. Please make up your mind. You are chasing the poor and middle class away from Flagstaff.



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