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It is 4:30 on Saturday, Jan. 19, and I have just come home after trying to drive out 180 to a friend's house near Valle. I made it perhaps 25 miles - miles of bumper-to-bumper snowplay cars parked on both shoulders; adults walking children down the road; two ambulances; at least seven cars stuck in the snow; people opening their car doors into the drivers' lanes. Each roadside was clearly marked with "For Emergency Parking" signs every 50 or more feet. One State Highway officer was trying to clean up the mess.

It's time for the city, the county and us locals to create a workable plan to stop the invasion of the snowplay clueless -- no point in trying to educate them, they need to be called to account -- and to put it to work. Perhaps Snowbowl could get proactive with this -- after all, they use city water; and part of the thoughtless crowd was overflow from their jammed parking lots. I hope the Daily Sun will lead the way in calling for a solution to a highly dangerous situation.



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