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From Austin to Atlanta, communities, their representative governments and law enforcement have courageously refused to turn their residents over to ICE.

I ask Coconino County Sheriff Jim Driscoll to join them: make the ethical decision to stop cooperating with ICE - you are not required to do so by either state or federal law.

Valuable members of our community who’ve been detained in the Coconino County Jail should not be transferred to DHS / private for profit prisons in Eloy, Florence and Anthem.

Some of these residents have committed no more serious offenses than driving on suspended licenses or committed minor crimes and completed their sentences years ago. After their court matters are resolved, they should not be punished further. Their citizenship status, the color of their skin and lack of financial resources to protect their constitutional rights should not be offenses that cause them to be torn away from their families.

I also ask the honorable Flagstaff City Council, Mayor and Coconino County Board of Supervisors to honor your duty to ensure our communities are truly welcoming and compassionate: Call on the Sheriff to abandon his negative policy now.

I request my fellow community members and representatives join us outside City Hall at 5 p.m. on September 18th to demand our representatives stop allowing Sheriff Driscoll to separate local families through ICE transfers.

The choice is clear: Sheriff Driscoll should fall on the side of compassion, not cruelty. He should keep families and our communities together, not tear them apart.



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