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I am really disgusted that the mentally ill are being unfairly blamed for most mass shootings. That is wrong, degrading and ignorant. Statistics will bear this out in a most powerful way. Do the research as I have. Start here online with Vox: "Stop blaming mental illness for mass shootings: It’s the guns, stupid." (by Dylan Matthews)

The NRA, the gun industry, bullet makers, the gun lobby, bought-and-paid-for Congressmen and laws, The White House, Wall Street, and many others are mentally ill with greed. This is who to rightfully blame.

Prayers, love, God, Tweets, Facebook posts, sympathy cards, funerals, bereavement meals, fundraising for burial costs, sorrow, counseling, public outrage, demonstrations, etc., have done little to stem the tide of this ever-increasing phenomenon of mass school and large-crowd shootings.

C'mon. It's guns. Guns DO kill people.

I realize that almost all gun owners are responsible law-abiding Americans.

But, let me just ask everybody this: Why does any non-United States military person need an AR-15? It's the mass shooter's preferred weapon of choice. How many Founders of The Constitution had an AR-15?




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