I wonder if the folks weighing in on the appropriateness of the buffalo sculpture and the idea of a name change to the park itself are aware of two larger issues that proponents of dumping the buffalo, etc. are also in favor of: paving the potholed parking lot and putting in real restrooms.

We may have our share of disagreements about the appropriateness of the buffalo and seemingly more passionate ones about a park name change, but I would bet the moon that no one would argue over the need for the two improvements mentioned. How long before a child or a dog or a small car disappears in one of those potholes? And using a porta-potty is what it is: use with nose held and caution.

Buffalo Park is a magnificent resource for this city and visited extensively by locals and visitors alike. It should get the first-class treatment it deserves. I've never given much thought to the buffalo sculpture. Perhaps given our strong focus on the arts, putting out a call for a competition among artists to create a new sculpture might be something to consider. As far as changing the park's name, I think people will always, no matter what, refer to it as Buffalo Park.

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