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I was appalled to read the Daily Sun editorial criticizing City Council for passing a resolution to oppose the border wall on the ground that the wall would not have an “imminent and major impact” on Flagstaff. What is more imminent and impactful than reassuring Flagstaff residents that their local government does not support this symbol of hate and oppression that insults and terrifies members of our community?

In addition, the wall and disputes over dealing with immigration and DACA recipients just closed our government down.  Government employees are now uncertain of their jobs. Yes, the wall and its proponents definitely impact Flagstaff!

What is more important than assuring our Native American allies that we stand with the National Congress of American Indians and the Intertribal Association of Arizona in opposing this Wall, which threatens to tear apart the cross-border lands that have been occupied by one of their tribes for centuries? Flagstaff government spends much time and energy attempting to improve relations with neighboring tribes, yet the Daily Sun would have the city ignore an obvious way to improve diplomacy.

Furthermore, trade with the Sonoran government is vital to our economy of Flagstaff as evidenced by the recent joint visit to Sonora by Governor Ducey and Mayor Evans. The wall is the wrong message for that relationship.

The editorial writers asserted they would be OK with city resolutions on federal budget issues that are important to the city. The wall is just that at a projected price tag of $18 billion. Those billions would go a long way toward filling potholes, funding North Country Health Center, building the Veterans Home, and funding Medicaid for caregivers to the disabled — all of which have imminent and major impact on Flagstaff.




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