Recently, the Jewish community in Flagstaff has fallen prey to two acts of vandalism. Not merely an act of damage to property, these crimes were characterized by swastikas painted and carved crudely throughout the buildings. The nature of such disgusting iconography makes it clear that this was a message of hatred toward the Jewish community of Flagstaff.

The Masonic Lodge of Flagstaff has been a part of this town and its community since 1888, and we feel an immeasurable sense of shame and horror that such contemptible ignorance and hate should be present here. Acts and beliefs of such bigotry against members of our community are morally and personally reprehensible to our fraternity and counter to every foundational ideal of a civilized culture. These cowardly and unjustifiable acts, and the unenlightened and detestable ideology that inspired them, have no place in our town.

Attacks upon and disrespect of any group of Flagstaff's citizens are an attack on all of us. We stand firmly against any attack on any religious group and against all forms of hatred and bigotry. The brethren of Flagstaff Lodge condemn this act, without reservation, as offensive to the ideals of our fraternity and to our civilization.


Free and Accepted Masons

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