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Letter to the Editor: A message to the monsoon

Letter to the Editor: A message to the monsoon

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I'm addressing my letter to the monsoon, the annual pattern of summer rainfall we here in northern Arizona cherish and revere for the daily blessing of water and cool air.

I want you to know we're sorry for all the environmental upheaval we humans have caused, and even though we continue to blindly fill the skies with carbon and other greenhouse gasses, we want you back. Sure, we have made it nearly impossible for you to set up shop with your high pressure air circulation over the Four Corners, what with the new "wavy" jet stream and all, but can't you understand just how much we miss you?

We promise to try and do better sometime in the future, or at least we'll talk some more about how we want to change, but in the meantime can't you just overlook our transgressions and at least come to visit for a while? We really can't understand why you would leave us behind and allow the forests to burn just because we are too stubborn to adopt policies and practices that would allow the earth's atmosphere to heal.

I mean, humans are supposed to be the most intelligent creatures on the planet, so how could anything we do be wrong? Please just this once let's overlook our minor quibbles and pretend everything's OK between us. Please?




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