The hypocrisy is expected when a conservative think tank writes about the federal budget, but the Heritage Foundation's opinion piece printed on April 15 reached a new level.

"How did the Feds spend your taxes" stated that by 2041, the United States will be spending every dime of its funds on Medicare, Medicaid and subsidies given to individuals as offered in the Affordable Care Act, if the present laws are not changed. The reason that this statement may or may not be true, the article offers no details as to why their claim may be accurate, is that the recent 2017 tax cuts have gutted federal collections and given a huge gift to the wealthy of this country on the backs of the average tax-paying citizen. There has been no attempt by the President or his cronies in Congress to balance the budget or address the serious shortfalls in health care spending and social security.

The article has the audacity to state that we should enjoy "the extra money the 2017 tax cuts deposited in (our) pocket" now before financial apocalypse occurs due to the amount federal health care will cost in the future. First of all, many of us paid more in taxes in 2019, especially if we live in Democratic states or if we are in the middle class. Ask your friends and neighbors. The 2017 tax changes were tailor-made for the top 1%, not the bottom 99%.

Secondly, the threat that federal healthcare spending will "consume every dollar of taxes paid by 2041" is also misleading and disingenuous. This fact will only comes to pass if the wealthy and corporations continue to get their huge discounts. An irresponsible tax law was passed that ignored any attempt to address the problems in the Federal Budget.

The answers to the shortfalls in the federal budget lie in responsible and fair taxes for everyone in our country. We will have to make difficult decisions concerning health care and social security in the future because our President and his friends chose not to do so.



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