The 4th of July celebration this year was spectacular again. The Flagstaff Symphony concert at the Amphitheater was another peak experience for me. I never miss it. Before the concert began there was a trio performing bluegrass music. They were two brothers and the wife of one of the brothers. The brothers played the violin and cello. They played "America the Beautiful" as a duet of violin and cello. It went to the soul. I stood up during the applause.

I love this moment we have every year to acknowledge what a great country we have. It always was great. I don't know where the idea came from about making America great again. We were great from the beginning, sacrificing when necessary, making gains after slipping backwards and continued growing and becoming in spite of the obstacles. We are on the burning threshold of even greater social awareness in the area of rights and respect.

The Macy fireworks from Brooklyn and the fireworks from Washington D.C. were greater than ever. I am very proud of our country in spite of the serious problems we have.



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