Wolf's Den: Fixing gun issues an exercise in compromise

Wolf's Den: Fixing gun issues an exercise in compromise

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A cartoon in a recent Arizona Daily Sun editorial page had the caption,“The only thing new in the gun debate is the names of the people dying.”

Therein lies the problem.

The anti-gun lobby is not at all interested in compromise, and it has now confirmed what all gun owners knew for decades: its long-range goal is to take all guns away from the public. The anti-gun lobby has refused to acknowledge the inanimate gun is a tool. Nothing more, nothing less.

This tool is used millions of times a week for several legal purposes: hunting, for recreation, for competition, for self-defense. It is also used illegally in robberies, rapes, murders, vandalism, and other crimes.

One telling tale is when the Obama administration tasked the Center for Disease Control to analyze the claims of self-defense use of guns, the CDC reviewed all the data and concluded that the gun is used at a minimum 500,000 times per year to stop crime.

This 2013 CDC report never made the light of day; neither did the results of the defensive gun use surveys the CDC commissioned in the 1990s, as the conclusions were minimalized. Anytime scientific analysis does not meet the anti-gun lobby narrative, the report is hidden, diminished and those who did the analysis are demonized.

How many of you knew that since 2000 armed citizens have been on scene at 33 active shooter incidents? Of those 33 incidents , the armed citizen stopped the shooter 25 times and reduced the loss of life in an additional six incidents. The armed citizen had no impact on 2 of the 33 incidents. I bet the Associated Press never reported on any in a positive light. (Source is 3 separate FBI reports on active shooter incidents with input from the Crime Prevention Research Center.)

As a result, the gun lobby knows if it gives an inch, it will never be given a half-inch in return. The anti-gun lobby has not offered one proposal that would affect criminals. Its proposals only go after law-abiding citizens. And when its proposals do not work to reduce crime, its calls for bans and confiscations grow louder.

You want to make a dent in the illegal use of firearms without destroying the Constitution and civil rights? Let’s make a deal.

The gun lobby:

• Agrees to continue its effort to improve the instant background check system. This is something the gun lobby has worked on since 2013. The number of state notifications to the federal background check system for those adjudicated with mental health issues has increased 241 percent since 2013, but most state records are still not provided to the federal system.

• Agrees that any permanent gun transfer between non-related private parties be subject to an instant background check paid for by the federal government. No fee on individuals to comply with the background check law.

• Agrees to “Red Flag” actions, but they must be approved by a judge before being implemented and any gun confiscations of those who are deemed a risk can occur only after a professional health care evaluation of the individual determines they are a risk. There must also be a method to return legally owned property once the threat has been removed by professional treatment of the individual.

In return, the anti-gun lobby:

• Agrees to national reciprocity where anyone with a state-issued CCW permit can carry concealed in any other state that is covered by the U.S. Constitution.

• Agrees common magazine capacity limits are the same for government and civilians.

• Agrees there will never be a gun registry in the United States or mandatory gun buybacks.

• Agrees to acknowledge that “gun free” zones are often targeted by mass shooters to carry out their attacks.

Compromise is the solution.

The anti-gun lobby has not proposed one piece of gun legislation that affects crime while at the same time conserves the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, while the gun lobby is at least trying to make the current background check system more effective. More needs to be done with both sides compromising toward real solutions.


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