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Inner Heroes: United we stand in love and understanding

Inner Heroes: United we stand in love and understanding

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This is a community.

What one is lacking, the other fills in, so together we make a perfect whole.

And this is what is needed to make a healthy community:

That each of us recognize we are lacking,

and we need the other to make us whole.

— Tzvi Freeman

United we stand.

My head has been spinning for weeks, probably months — more. Yours probably has, too. Such deep divisions in our beautiful country: hatred, polarization, uncertainty, distrust, fear.

I cry more. Get angry more and judge more.

Breathing through my nose into my belly has been a great help. It calms me and slows me down. I come back to the present and back to what I can do and not what I fear might happen.

As an older, immuno-compromised fellow during this COVID time, my choice (and Wendy's) has been to basically isolate ourselves from nearly all social opportunities. We wear our masks when needed. We keep our distance. And nearly all of our socializing has been outdoors. Some of my friends are doing about the same. Some are even more careful. Some less, and some hardly at all. This continuum in the world runs all the way to indifference even to defiance.

The virus has became politicized into insanity and it's painful to watch.

Each of us chooses to get our information from different sources. I believe this and you believe that. That's the way it's always been, really. No two people see the world the same way. We are different!

The United States recently held presidential elections. Insanity has followed ever since. He won. No, he lost! The other guy won. You cheated. We need to build bridges. Court cases. He said. She said. Tears of relief.

Oy! Oy! Oy!

Where are we going to do with all this?

Remember, United We Stand. What do those revered words mean? We need them now more than ever! We can have our differences. We've always had them and always will. That is our eternal reality. We have passion and deep feelings for what we believe. It's possible that we both can be right, depending upon our perspective. My right may be your wrong ... and vice versa.

Then, in America and much of the world, we vote, then we argue, then we go to court to settle our disputes. One side wins and the other side loses. No one likes to lose.

Then we put the vitriol behind as best we can and live in harmony as best we can. That is America. Winning is temporary and so is losing. We forgive so we can let go and move on.

Before going to sleep at night, I say this sacred prayer:

Master of the Universe! I hereby forgive anyone who has angered or vexed me, or sinned against me, either physically or financially, against my honor or anything else that is mine, whether accidentally or intentionally, inadvertently or deliberately, by speech or by deed, in this incarnation or any other.

Admittedly, it doesn't always work, but it reminds me that holding on to my anger serves no one. It only brings my toxicity into this world and you don't need it.

We need each others' understanding and love.

How do we have understanding and love when we can't even be civil? That is the point. It is our job to be civil! It's our job to understand even when we disagree. It's our job to love, even when it seems impossible.

Remember: United We Stand.

How can we make this seemingly superhuman jump? And why?

Remember, hate destroys the hater more than the hated and hatred cannot be controlled once it is released. We can do this by understanding that any evil deed, whether done by you, me, or someone else, has its roots.

Forgiveness allows harmony to return and hate to melt away.

Be brave. Let go. Love again.

Blessing on this most important, sacred journey!


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