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Seeing is believing.

Maybe, maybe not.

Every year my optometrist thoughtfully sends a reminder for my annual eye check-up. First he asks a few questions, then he has me read the letters on the age-old eye chart -- "which is clearer, one or two?" -- then he dilates my eyes and looks inside for any abnormalities. We generally chit-chat a bit before he writes my updated prescription. Lastly, we shake hands and both wish we would see each other more frequently during the upcoming year.

My vision is 20-20 -- in the physical realm.

Madonna exhorts us in her popular song, Material Girl, "we live in a material world." I remember questioning her premise when the song was first released 33 years ago. At one level, surely, we live in a material world. This is the world, with the help of Dr. Koshuta and my eyeglasses, that I see with clarity and for this I am truly blessed.

In other realms, most of us have much more limited vision. Personally, I have spent many of my years legally blind. Each of us is made up of physical elements and also the non-physical elements that ultimately determine who we are and what we leave behind upon our departure.

The non-physical part of us is often called the soul. It is considered to be our essence -- our deepest and highest nature. It is often thought to arrive along with the body at birth, and thereafter our life's work is to deliver this essence into the material realm.

This takes effort as our soul's mission, to reveal its hidden light, is challenged by temptations, distractions and the low percentage of formal learning opportunities. This vital soui-work never ends.

Legally blind?

How often do I see the material world with 20-20 clarity but totally miss the essence of what actually exists? Daily!

How often do I know the right thing to do but ignore the instruction of my irrefutable highest wisdom? Regularly!

I see a fancy Mecedes-Benz on the freeway and immediately think I know something about the driver. It's rarely positive.

I see someone acting rude and I judge them harshly. How often have I been rude? Too many times to count. Sure, I can legitimately see another's behavior as wrong, but to judge them as a person? Who am I to judge?

The surface is easy to see, easy to react to, easy to misread. What it covers up, however, is the truth; this is more informative, but takes considerably more effort.

We can powerfully change lives when we observe through more illuminating lenses.

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