Hide and seek.

This is the game we have played since we were old enough to play games. The funny thing is, even though we hide, we want to be caught. We pretend we don't want the finder to find us hiding under the bed, but if we never got found, the game would end. Not only did we actually wish to be discovered, we are all still playing Hide and Seek, eternally praying to be found.

Sit down...this is big.

We all enter this world in a physical body. Skin, eyes, hands, belly-button, toes. That's our body. Lying beneath are our hearts, minds and souls, which mysteriously and stubbornly guide us on our missions.

Some discover their life's mission at an early age. For most, it takes longer.

But besides our earthly mission, we are each given an even higher mission. This one receives less attention in our success-oriented culture but is the one that ultimately matters most. This mission is to continually uncover, rediscover and reveal the most loving, humble, courageous, generous and kind human being we can be.

Our earthly mission requires the blessing of God-given talent and our dedicated, daily work. Talent takes us only so far. Our higher mission, once we sign on, requires every ounce of grit we've got; work continues till our last breath. No hiding person consciously wishes to be revealed, but at a deeper level, we all hope to share our secrets before the journey ends.

When we make a mistake in school, our teacher takes out her red pencil, draws a circle around it so we can correct it. No red circle, no awareness of error, no correction equals no improvement.

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This is the most basic truth to accept if we wish to grow. Sure, we are hiding, but if we don't get revealed, the game is over. We repeat, replay, habituate, stagnate — die. Hide and Seek is all about getting found.

There are only two ways to be revealed:

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The first, by a person who loves you or maybe one who doesn't. This person says some version of, "I wish you wouldn't fill in the blank." We often get defensive upon hearing criticism. We should do our best to value the grains of truth in every criticism. Find a trustworthy mentor to regularly provide you feedback.

The second is by looking in the mirror and honestly seeing ourselves. Do I talk too much? Do I listen too little? Do I spend more money than I should? Does my sarcasm hurt? Should I donate more? Do I judge too easily?

Loving, direct self-reflection is available daily and when we listen, we are able to evolve.

Few journeys are more difficult.

Few are less expensive.

Few are more beneficial.

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