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Earth Day

In this file photo from 2017, several small goats stand on the lawn of the Coconino County Courthouse during a backyard goat-keeping workshop as part of annual Earth Day celebrations in Flagstaff.



I've been told the heads of we humans are round so we can more easily change our minds. My body topper is somewhat dented and rather nonchalantly circular. Does that mean I'm antiquated, outmoded and behind the times? Gadzooks, I suppose so.


The latest example of my muddle with modern life is a recently unveiled shoe fashion. To protect expensive footwear the use of posh shoe booties is recommended. Not only is it trendy it will also add height to the diminutive guy. What next? Shoes wearing shoes wearing shoes so shorties can slam dunk a basketball while standing flatfooted when styling their high-price sneakers?


Not that change or reworking an activity shouldn't be done. An event undergoing such an adjustment is the city's Flagstaff Earth Day celebration,  which will be held this year in Bushmaster Park on Saturday, April 21.


Heritage Square has always seemed like the ideal Earth Day site to me, but our celebration has outgrown the available space at that location. The focus for 2018 will be education and outreach that promotes sustainable living. The boundaries of our current Earth Day are certainly related, but more far reaching than those of its 1970 originators.


While retaining the initial intent, local practicality and what sustainability actually means in our personal lives have attained an equality with global concerns. Individually, we can bring about positive change best when focused on how we manage our own day-to-day activities.


Expanding our personal recycling efforts, conservation of local resources, introducing energy efficiencies, growing some of our own food -- the list of what we can independently achieve is very doable. Plus just doing it will save us money.


A prime example of conservation anybody can accomplish is the restoring of household items in need of repair. The City of Flagstaff will be sponsoring a Fix-it Clinic on Saturday, March 3, at the Joe Montoya Community and Senior Center from 10 a.m until 1 p.m.


So bring to this Fix-it Clinic your non-working lamp and other out-of-order home appliances. Clothing in need of mending or any other once-useful article that can be refurbished instead of trashed.


If you would like to volunteer as a repair coach or learn more about the clinic contact Maggie Twomey at 928-213-2144 or e-mail I've had a radio repaired by these talented folks and also a printer, both of which are once again a functioning part of my everyday life.


But, I've strayed from this year's Flagstaff Earth Day Celebration in Bushmaster Park. If you or your organization would like to be an exhibitor or vendor, please contact Maggie Twomey at the above telephone number or e-mail address. And do make plans to attend this year's Flagstaff Earth Day. This is a wonderful opportunity to become better prepared, more resourceful and self-reliant in the living of your daily life.


And while we're in this sustainability discussion, isn't it time we all take more ownership of Flagstaff by becoming a FUTS Steward or participating in a community cleanup? This is, after all, the place where we live and doesn't our treasured Mountain Town deserve our very best efforts?




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