"The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" claimed my agitated neighbor after reading a social media post regarding strange activities in the ozone layer.

That particular message wasn't about Chicken Little, the tumbling skies alarmist who helped put barnyard friends on Foxey Loxey's fast food menu, but instead was a rant about the deluge of trash supposedly being flung out of flying saucer windows by space invaders on vacation.

According to my neighbor, the copious amounts of discarded debris currently cluttering our planet is being expelled from spaceships that are crewed by litterbugs from someplace far, far away.

While there's ample evidence folks not from around here are responsible for plenty of the trash found in northern Arizona (like the piles of broken plastic sleds left in our forest), it's highly unlikely visitors from outside our solar system are guilty of that particular transgression, since they're not known to have any sled riding skills nor are they believed to be very good at throwing snowballs either.

Utilizing the directions of Maggie Twomey, the volunteer and events coordinator for our city, the Mountain Mojo Group, a Flagstaff marketing agency housed in the Northern Arizona Center for Emerging Technologies (NACET) has launched a "Treat Your Outdoors Like Your Indoors" anti-litter campaign especially designed for our town.

Featured in the Mountain Mojo publicity are Dorm Life Dom, Tourist Tricia, Diesel Dave and Andrea the Advocate. Dom, Tricia and Dave need motivation to become actively opposed to littering and the willingness to do something positive about its existence. Andrea the Advocate has never knowingly littered and always separates her trash and recycles at home, but needs to become more active in community events that support her personal values.

The objective of the campaign is to target the above-mentioned folks to help reduce the clutter in our community while working to change behavior patterns of people who thoughtlessly pitch aside unwanted packaging, transform the attitude of tourists toward littering, and to raise the overall awareness of the issue in and around Flagstaff.

Their secondary goals are to alter our consumptive patterns, foster a larger sense of pride in the appearance of our local landscapes and to create opportunities for new partners to participate.

You can become involved with the litter removal effort by joining us tomorrow, March 13, in the ongoing Flagstaff Broken Sled Project that will have us picking up abandoned plastic shards at two locations.

Starting at 2 p.m. we'll gather at the FUTS parking lot located on the corner of John Wesley Powell Boulevard and Lone Tree Road to clean up that impromptu sledding spot, and at 3 p.m. we'll accomplish the same goal at the Peaks View parking area located on Highway 180 a mile before the Snowbowl Road turnoff.

For additional information contact Maggie Twomey at (928) 607-0744 or e-mail her at mtwomey@flagstaffaz.gov While you're talking to Maggie, ask her about how to become a community steward. Flagstaff is our landscape and if we don't keep it clean ourselves, who do we expect will? And be sure to attend the Flagstaff Earth Day Celebration on Saturday, April 20, at Bushmaster Park.

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