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Haunted Flagstaff: 1926 Railroad Station

This photo of the 1926 Railroad Station, located at 1 E. Route 66, was taken by Fronske Studio in 1944.

100 Years Ago

From 1918 – War should not hinder road work. Even though we are in the throes of a world war, President J. M. Lowe, of the National Old Trails Association, does not believe that the people along this route should lose sight of the fact that good roads are essential to the winning of the war and the roadwork should go on. The same class of men who built the railroads will build the wagon roads. They are not eligible for military service nor for farm work. They will willingly work on a road 10 hours a day with mercury at 100 degrees in the shade. They are the sappers and miners in the vanguard of civilization. They cut down mountains, bridge the rivers and drain the swamps. They do not carry their wages away.

A team hitched to a wagon that was being driven by Mrs. B. W. Hodgson Monday, near their ranch east of town, became unmanageable and ran away, throwing the lady from the wagon. The vehicle passed over her body, fracturing several ribs and otherwise painfully injuring her. She is said to be getting along as nicely under the circumstances as could be expected.

A huge Red Cross sign was placed yesterday in front of the old Presbyterian church building, now the meeting place of the organization. The sign is 15 feet in height and 3½ feet in width. It was donated to the local chapter by the Arizona Lumber & Timber Co.

A Stockton Herald correspondent says there is a cure for Small Pox and that it will also cure Scarlet Fever. Sulphate of zinc, one grain, Foxglove, one grain; half a teaspoonful of sugar; mix with two tablespoons of water. Mix thoroughly and add 4 ounces of water. Take a teaspoon every hour. Either disease will disappear in 12 hours. If counties would compel physicians to use this remedy there would be no need for pest houses.

Attorney at Law, Justice of the Peace, Shoemaker, Groceries, Notary Public. Hides bought and sold. Hats, caps, boots and shoes, also laundry work when my wife is able. Friendly Undertaking a specialty. Doc Soper, Dead Man’s Flat.

For Sale: Cheap – 16-inch riding plow, good as new—Phone 123 R4 Greenlaw Ranch.

A Santa Fe switch crew is now helping the Greenlaw logging trains cross the Santa Fe tracks at Cliffs.

County Agent De Lore Nicholls and Immigration Commissioner F. O. Allwn moved into their new quarters in the Masonic Building on Tuesday. They have an office on the north side of the building, the first door east of the entrance, where they will welcome those desiring their services.

75 years ago

1943 – Your #4 Gasoline coupons will expire on March 21.

18 more nurses' aides are needed at our hospital. Spanish speaking aides are particularly wanted. Our regular nurses are constantly being called for service in our armed forces.

Liquor dealerships have declared war on bootlegging.

All farmers and ranchers must now have permits to slaughter and all cuts must be permitted as of April 11, 1943. Tom Pollock, County Chairman of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Make plans for night skiing at the Snow Bowl. There is plenty of snow on the slopes. The tows are not running due to lack of a maintenance crew. Lloyd Heller, Ski Club Chairman.

Beginning on May 1, 1943, the logging railroads of the Southwest Lumber Co. and the Saginaw Manistee will be combining into one operation managed by Saginaw & Manistee. Southwest employees will either be transferred into Saginaw & Manistee or be moved to McNary.

Our Servicemen’s Center is proving to be very popular and our civic organizations have contributed another $125. More donations are needed, particularly for pillows and coverlets as well as more books and board games.

Remember Holsum Bread is Vitalized.

Sears is again sponsoring 4H gardens in connection the Coconino County Farm Agency. C. G. Lucer, Director.

Good news for coffee drinkers. Ration stamp #26 will be good for one pound of coffee between March 23 and April 25. This is an improvement to 5 full weeks instead of the previous 6 weeks for that single pound.

6 year old Mary Padilla was abducted last Friday by a woman wearing a red coat. Sheriff Perry Francis' staff followed vague clues to a location in Los Angeles, where she was found at the Greyhound bus Terminal with a person known to be unstable.

At Sauer & Hutchinson this week. Asparagus 22 cts, fancy carrots (no tops) 5 cts.per pound. Avocados 8 cts. each.

H. 55 Tues. L. 15 Fri. Trace of rain Friday.

50 Years Ago

1968 – Of the 6,000 voters registered and eligible to vote, 3,921 turned out in Tuesday’s election.

Leamon’s has moved across the street to the corner of Birch and Humphreys.

Two teen girls have been arrested for disturbing the peace at Greogio’s and Greogio’s is closed.

There was a grand opening for the County Welfare Office with Mrs. Lucille Munson in charge.

Eighteen-year-old Tommie Lee Williams of the Flamingo Motel, Room 45, has been arrested for assault and stabbing an officer of the law with a deadly weapon - in this case, with a long, thin knife blade. Officer Madden has recovered and returned from his time recovering at the hospital.  Detective Sargent E. T. James Jr. 

A 10-week course in basic computer programming is to be offered by the NAU College of Business and the Arizona Department of Vocational Education. The fee is $48. Call NAU now to enroll.

At Harper’s just this week . A Solid State Crystal Stereo. Queensport with instant play – Auto-Changer – 45 RPM Spindle included.

SEARS – 3 Day Sale at the Plaza Shopping Center. Tires - $21.45 for 6.50 B tire plus $1.81 Federal Tax and your old worn out tire. Or have a Tubeless – Black Wall – Full 4 ply Nylon Cord $12.88.

Snow returned on Thursday. About 2 inches fell, quickly melted and gave us another 0.29 inches of moisture.

25 years ago

1993 – Flagstaff lumber prices are skyrocketing. Randy Meyer, general manager at HomeCo, says a 10-foot 2x6 board went from $4.50 to $5.25 over the weekend. Framing lumber is especially affected but does not seem to be discouraging building. The increasing cost of material will increase the cost of home by about $4,500.

ADOT is still filling potholes on Humphreys and it is still a rough ride since the street is in such poor condition. A $3 million renovation will begin on July 5 and extend into December, weather permitting.

Coconino County expects its repairs from the winter’s flooding to exceed $2.5 million with Oak Creek's 89A to cost about a $1 million all by itself. There was also a 200-foot rock and mud slide between Ash Fork and Willaims that took out the whole road and caused the need for a quarter-mile detour.

The arrival of warmer weather means the arrival of more transients, many of whom do not speak English, according to the Sunshine Mission. They take a free train ride by hiding in, under and on top of freight cars and under flat cars with piggyback loads just the way the Old Time Hobos did. Many slip aboard in Winslow, where the train railroad crews change. The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe patrols catch some of them, who are then arrested and jailed.

Compiled from the archives of the Coconino Sun and Arizona Daily Sun by Susannah Carney.


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