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Cielo Rancho

Cielo Rancho, the Red Lakes home of Mike and Nora Dimuria. Derrick Barnett allegedly shot and killed the couple here on May 1.

The Coconino County Attorney’s Office is seeking to call to the stand multiple family members and acquaintances of a man accused of killing a Williams couple in their home on May 1.

Derrick Barnett was indicted on Aug. 3 on two counts of first-degree murder, one count of first-degree burglary and theft after allegedly killing Mike and Nora Dimuria and burglarizing their home.

He is also accused of cruelty to animals, theft of a means of transportation, felony criminal damage and three counts of misconduct involving weapons.

Barnett has pled not guilty to all counts.

The attorney’s office was unable to charge Barnett until August because he was not extradited to Arizona until July 24. He had outstanding warrants and was arrested in Colorado.

According to court documents, the county attorney’s office plans to call Barnett’s mother, Robbin Laws, his father David Martinez, his uncle Kurt Barnett, half-brother Richard Martinez and his ex-girlfriend Breawna Wilkins.

All of Barnett’s family being called to the stand had some form of contact with him from the date of the incident to the time Barnett was arrested by Colorado law enforcement.

A newly released police report by the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office provides new details on the night of the incident as well as the events leading up to Barnett’s arrest on May 6.

According to the report, Nora Dimuria had come home from work while Barnett was burglarizing the house. Barnett had broken in through the back door and allegedly killed her, her husband Mike Dimuria and the couple’s dog with a 9mm pistol or a .22 caliber firearm he had stolen from the house.

Barnett then stole the couple's white Jeep Liberty.

During the five days that Barnett was at large he contacted multiple family members and acquaintances in Arizona and Colorado.

Laws called Barnett on May 1 asking him to come home to Grand Junction, Colo., to turn himself in for an outstanding warrant regarding a domestic violence incident on April 7. The incident involved his ex-girlfriend Wilkins. Barnett refused to come home.

Police interviews with Barnett show that this incident is what brought him to Williams. Barnett told sheriff’s deputies that he was “running from the law,” after he got into a fight with Wilkins.

According to his father David Martinez, Barnett had been living in his father’s trailer and the two had gotten into an argument about Barnett’s outstanding warrant. Martinez also noted a May 1 incident where Barnett was found in the trailer holding two firearms he did not own.

His father kicked him out of the trailer after that incident.

Barnett then drove the Dimuria’s Jeep Liberty to Dove Creek Colorado where he met with a friend named Shane Gore.

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Gore helped Barnett set up the purchase of a Dodge Ram Charger on May 3 for $2,000. Gore admitted to police that he helped Barnett buy the car, but said he was not involved with getting rid of the Jeep.

Gore’s roommate Charles Thompson said that Barnett stayed at their Cortez, Colo., home for two days, during which Barnett had hinted that the Jeep was not his and asked Thompson and Gore if they knew someone “on the black market who wanted to buy a gun.”

Barnett then saw his half-brother Richard Martinez on May 5, who noted that Barnett was carrying and 9 mm  firearm and a 0.22 caliber firearm. Richard Martinez said Barnett told him he had money now, and would not be able to see him for a while because he was in trouble.

Barnett then saw his uncle Kurt Barnett on May 5 at a gas station in Dove Creek, Colo. Barnett reportedly hugged him and asked him not to tell anyone where he was because he was in trouble.

Barnett was arrested in Dolores County, Colo., on May 6, the next day.

The county attorney’s office also plans to use Barnett’s history as a habitual domestic abuser to show that he was capable of killing Mike and Nora Dimuria.

Barnett has been convicted of three violent crimes since 2006, including two counts of assault and stalking in 2014 and 2015.

A trial date has not been set, but Barnett is scheduled to attend a case management conference in Coconino County Superior Court on Sept. 5.  Division 2 Superior Court Judge Dan Slayton will be presiding.

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