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Man arrested outside of Walmart

An officer received a report of a drunk couple arguing inside of the east side Walmart, Sept 1.

When he arrived at the scene, he found the married couple across the street in a field arguing over what to eat. 

The woman identified herself, then identified the man as and Leslie Cly. According to police reports, the man was too drunk to clearly respond. After the officer could not locate the man’s records, the officer asked the woman if her husband had any paperwork with his name on it.

The officer found records with the man’s true name listed as Leslie Clark, 55. The officer checked Clark's records and found he had two valid and confirmed warrants out of Page City Court. He is currently being held for those two, unrelated warrants.

Fraudulent schemes

The victim in this case reported that he had found a listing on Craigslist website to rent a home at 2605 North Pinon Ridge, Sept. 3.

In order to secure the condo, the victim was told to provide a deposit and then meet with the landlord after supplying the money. The landlord was named Smart Agunbide. There was no indication as to whether that man was the man who listed the residence, or if that name was his true name.

He waited for an hour at their meeting location before suspecting a scam.

The address listed led to a complex, but the victim said he was never told what unit number he would be renting. The case will remain open pending further investigation.

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Vehicle trespassing

After receiving a call, two officers approached a vehicle belonging to a woman living on the east side, Sept 3. While the woman and her mother were in an upstairs apartment nearby, the officers witnessed a man sleeping in the back of the vehicle.

As the officers unlocked the vehicle, the man started to wake up. Police quickly grabbed him by the wrists to control his hands. According to the police report, the man was still waking up and became irritable when they grabbed him. The police pulled him out of the car and onto the ground where he eventually calmed down.

The car owner emerged from the apartment onto the balcony and stated that she didn’t know the man. The man identified himself as Seymore Bilagody. Bilagody then alleged that the car belonged to his uncle, which the officers knew to be false.

The car owner said she saw Bilagody standing under covered parking spots earlier that morning. After her daughter took the car to pick up a cup of coffee and returned inside, her daughter noticed the same man sleeping inside their new car. Her daughter wasn’t sure if she had locked the vehicle after exiting.

Due to the man’s sleeping position, he left mud on the new, rear seat. Bilagody was booked for one count of criminal, second degree trespassing.

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