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Obama a Democrat in name only

Obama a Democrat in name only

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To the editor:

There is a popular perception among conservatives that Barack Obama is a radical liberal who is pushing a left-wing agenda. It's a wonderful dream for conservatives, but like the birther conspiracy, it is amazingly false. When you look at his record, it is clearly more aligned with a conservative philosophy than a liberal one.

For example, he pushed for renewal of the Patriot Act, maintained the Bush tax cuts, kept the Guantanamo Bay detention facility open, continued the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and took military action in Libya. Even the health reform act is not universal care or socialized medicine, but rather subsidized insurance coverage. He has continued George Bush's legacy of rampant spending on corporate bailouts, with no efforts to increase revenue.

The only divergence from George Bush's philosophy that is apparent is the inclusion of science in policymaking.

So where are all these liberal policies that those on the right rant about? It reminds me of the idea that if you tell a big enough lie often enough, people will believe it, and there are a lot of conservatives frothing at the mouth about this mythical "liberal agenda." Obama's prospects of being re-elected are slim at best, since he seems to be a Democrat in name only. Many of us who voted for Obama are very disillusioned, since instead of getting the change we sought from the disaster of the Bush administration, we got more of the same.




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