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Middle class catching on to inequality

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To the editor:

The recent news analysis  on inequality clearly showed the rising frustrations of middle-class Americans, the realities of the last 40+ years, and the moralisms and gymnastics required to sniff off culpability in these matters. Middle-class Americans are waking up to what their land has become, a place where we all labor, but the fruits are reserved for the few (91 percent of income gains go to the top 1 percent). Productivity rises but our wages continue to idle, as they have since the 1970s. We live in a land of stagnation while the few live in a land of entitled privilege and opportunistic manipulation. Government, taxation, finance, courts, and education have been purchased by the few for the defense of privilege.

We are seeing the damage done by these policies. So here come apologists with their empty moralisms and futile gymnastics.

Are we just envious? Of course we're envious. We want an end to the favoritism and our own opportunities to take a bite of the apple, and we're willing to work for it. Should America be only for the wealthiest?

Is Obama to blame? His sin has been six years of support for the corrupt system built for the entitled over the last 40. He has waited too long to blast its foundations. The apologists are trying the same old somersaults, but now they're crashing down midway through the rotation. It must hurt. People are noticing the damage done by the tilted table, like our decimated education system. Let the rising tide lift us from gullibility to resistance and solutions.




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