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Cyclist rights come with responsibilities

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To the editor:

While I agree with the recent letter on the rights of bicyclist, it is irresponsible to demand “rights” while not acknowledging “responsibilities,” This may be a cultural norm but it isn’t right.

Recently I was driving up South San Francisco and there were two bicyclists in front of me. I would have preferred they used the one lane designated for bicycles and cars but they chose the other. The boy was not content to have one lane but wandered across both lanes while trying to chat up the girl. He had a responsibility to ride in one lane.

Another time I was going by City Hall northbound on Humphreys also known as U.S. Highway 180. The bicyclist in front of me took a cellphone call without a hands-free set and showed us all that no one can ride a bike with one hand. He had a responsibility to ride “undistracted” even if the City Council can’t seem to bring itself to allow the county to prohibit distracted driving.

Another time I came to a full stop at the four-way stop at Beal and Navajo. As I started through the intersection, a bicyclist blew through the intersection. All bicyclists have a responsibility to obey traffic laws.

While riding my bike in full compliance with all responsibilities I was hit by a driver oblivious of her surroundings. Riders must remember that they will lose every conflict with a car regardless of rights.




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