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Don't abridge rights based on technology

Don't abridge rights based on technology

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To the editor:

I recently read a comment in another letter to the editor suggesting that the Second Amendment was outdated and should be repealed. The writer inferred that the Founding Fathers were talking about "single-shot muzzleloaders" when they wrote the Constitution. I have to wonder what other parts of the Constitution the writer would like to eliminate due to technological advancements. For instance, the writers of the Constitution could've never dreamed of cable TV and syndicated radio reaching millions of people. Should freedom of the press now be rescinded? Should we eliminate freedom of speech because of the power of the Internet?

The answer to these questions is hopefully obvious. The Founding Fathers laid down principles for our country and our freedoms in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Once we start changing them due to advances in technology, we start down an increasingly slippery slope that leads to a significant loss of freedom for everyone. The Second Amendment was intended to insure that the government could not become too powerful and make "subjects" of the people rather than citizens, and I applaud the Supreme Court for recently reaffirming that it was intended as an individual right.




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