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    The recent military confrontation between Israel and Gaza-based Hamas militants spawned a regrettable yet predictable response: a surge in antisemitic attacks. Yet we all know it doesn't take a flash of violence in the Middle East for people to give free rein to their hatred. Antisemitism co…

      As his administration dispatched an envoy to meet with Israeli and Palestinian officials, President Joe Biden expressed hope Wednesday that the latest conflict between Israel and Islamic militants in Gaza will end sooner rather than later. But even if the violence subsides, it’s a reminder t…

        One of the first inhumane and racially tinged acts of the Trump administration was to close the borders to travelers from seven Muslim-majority nations for 90 days and to global refugees for 120 days (except Syrian refugees, who were banned indefinitely). These moves were all in an effort, P…

          It’s been seven years since the state of Arizona last executed someone convicted of murder, and given how poorly that went (it took Joseph Wood two gasping hours to die), it’s understandable that a judge ordered state officials to unplug the execution assembly line for a bit.

            Ahmaud Arbery was out for his daily run near Brunswick, Georgia, on Feb. 23, 2020, when two men chased him down in a truck as a third followed close behind with a video camera. They caught up with him, and their encounter ended with Arbery dead of two bullets to his chest. His family called …

            PHOENIX (AP) _ These Arizona lotteries were drawn Friday:

            A woman died and a man was rescued and treated for hypothermia after they were caught in extreme cold weather while hiking in Utah’s Zion National Park. The National Park Service says the married couple were on a permitted, 16-mile hike through an known as the Narrows on Tuesday and Wednesday. The woman, 31, and the man, 33, were not identified. The park's rescue team responded Wednesday morning and found the man on a trail being helped by other hikers and transported him to the Zion Emergency Operations Center for treatment. Rescuers administered emergency aid to the woman but determined she had died.


            After having made 134 DUI arrests so far this year, the short staffed Coconino County Sheriff’s Office received support in impaired driving enforcement, in the form of a grant totaling at $27,000. The money will help pay for overtime hours, and equipment the department needs to keep DUI prevention a top organizational priority.

            Flagstaff Police are investigating a stabbing that took place over the weekend. The victim was stabbed three times and taken to Flagstaff Medical Center, after seeking help at Flagstaff Shelter Services. 

            Joe Cervantez has a cold. He caught it in a parking lot in Moenkopi, sometime around 3 a.m. on Election Day, as he crossed through the shock of freezing high desert between his hotel room and his van.

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