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Daniel Lykins mugshot

Nearly ten months to the day he was chased by police and forced out of a Munds Park home with pepper balls and gas in a police stand-off, Daniel Lykins, 34, was handed his punishment.

His Coconino County sentence of two years will run at the same time as his prior 8-year sentence for attempted armed robbery and unlawful flight from law enforcement in Yavapai County, according to case minutes from Yavapai.

Lykins agreed to plead guilty to two counts, for fleeing police officers and using a stolen vehicle, in October.

In January, Lykins fled from police in a stolen vehicle and broke into an occupied home in Munds Park to hide. The SWAT officers shot pepper balls into the home to enter and found Lykins hiding under a bed.

The defendant alleged that substance abuse was the cause of his actions.

“I accept full responsibility and I am sorry,” Lykins said in a presentence interview. “I am sorry to the victims. I am usually not like this, drugs and alcohol have ruined my life.”

With five previous felonies on his record in both Maricopa and Coconino County, Lykins was charged as a repeat offender. He was previously charged with unlawful flight from officers twice, two counts of possessing drug paraphernalia and endangerment.

In January, Lykins was driving under the speed limit in the stolen mini-van on Interstate 17. An Arizona Department of Public Safety officer checked the plates and discovered it was marked as stolen, according to a presentence report offense summary.

The officer switched on their lights to engage Lykins, who continued to drive away from the officer, even going over stop-sticks set up on the roadway. Through his decision to drive through the stop-sticks, Lykins endangered at least three officers, according to the probable cause for arrest report.

Afterward, Lykins crashed his stolen vehicle near Munds Park. He then fled on foot and found a home with a man inside at the time of his entry. Lykins dove under a bed, waking the homeowner.

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“Don’t tell the cops I’m in here,” Lykins said according to the homeowner recorded in the presentence report. The homeowner fled the residence after Lykins entered, explaining that the home had an AK-47 inside.

Law enforcement commanded Lykins to exit the home multiple times. Lykins finally left the residence after the responding SWAT officers shot pepper balls and gas into the Munds Park home, according to the presentence report.

While Lykins pleaded down to two counts for his sentencing on Monday, he was originally indicted with 12 charges by a grand jury in February.

In addition to his sentenced charges, his dropped charges included eight felonies. Those charges were first-degree trespassing, aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, three counts of endangerment, two counts of criminal damage and three counts of theft.

The Coconino County Attorney's Office did not respond for comment.

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