Sinagua Heights resident Karen Pederson said her family had a plan in place in case of a wildfire threatened their home.

Interviewed Saturday afternoon while packing personal belongings into the two family vehicles, Pederson said she began preparing to leave at the first signs of the large wildfire hours before she was contacted by the emergency personnel.

"We started packing two hours ago," Pederson said.

The Hardy fire was the second time Ward and Tamara Kinney had been evacuated from their home.

Putting family pictures, documents and artwork into their cars, the pair said they'd go shopping at Target before going to a play at Theatrikos for which they already had tickets for.

Twenty minutes after being notified she had to evacuate, Susan Fisher was next door at her sister-in-law's house, packing up family pictures, a wedding album and sensitive financial documents. She said that because her husband's sister was in Phoenix for the day, she had to help rescue irreplaceable items as the wildfire crept closer to their homes.

Dustin Underwood's dog Clippers was already in the car as he piled paperwork and items of sentimental value into the passenger seat. Underwood said he had roughly an hour to pack up his belongings.

"In an hour's time, you really don't have time to do anything," he said.

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