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Waterline Road culvert

Waterline Road was washed out as heavy rain fell across portions of the Schultz burn area Sunday night. Photo courtesy of U.S. Forest Service

The U.S. Forest Service says it has closed several roads in the Schultz burn area after heavy rains ripped through the forest Sunday night.

According to officials, portions of Schultz Pass, Elden Spring and Waterline roads are now closed. Schultz Pass Road is still accessible from Highway 180 up to Schultz Tank.

Crews are still working to assess the trails in the area as well.

“We know they’ve been damaged, but the extent of which we’re not sure,” said Coconino National Forest spokesperson Brienne Magee. “I would advise folks to use extreme caution and maybe consider doing their hikes somewhere else.”

The city of Flagstaff says that it appears the water pipelines along the road are still intact.

Allen Atkins, a Campbell Avenue area resident and professor of finance at Northern Arizona University, said he’d been riding Schultz Pass Road on his mountain bike a couple times a week for 15 years.

Atkins said he’d never seen the road look like it did on Monday.

“I can usually ride the whole thing without getting off my bike,” he said. “This is maybe the worst flood we’ve seen since after the fire.”

He said he woke at his home late Sunday night and saw Sheriff’s deputies and fire trucks and then a flood rolling down the street.

“We’re sort of getting used to living with it,” he said.


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