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School Threats

Flagstaff Police Department responds to a lockdown at Marshall Elementary School after the school received a threatening phone call in this April 2015 file photo.

Flagstaff High School was placed into a modified lockdown Wednesday morning at approximately 10 a.m. following the discovery of threats to the school made in a social media post. The source was identified and Flagstaff Police Department has arrested a suspect. It was determined that there was no immediate threat to the school.

Following its own safety procedures, as a result of its proximity to FHS, Marshall Elementary School simultaneously sheltered in place, closing the school off to visitors. For the 25 minutes, law enforcement and the school district investigated, classes at both schools continued as scheduled. Phone messages alerted parents and families of the situation. 

The district is asking that families discuss the expectations for social media use, especially concerning school safety, which district officials say is never a joke and will result in real-world consequences.

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