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Mayoral candidates spend big as primary approaches
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Mayoral candidates spend big as primary approaches

KAFF 2020 Mayoral Primary Debate

Flagstaff mayoral candidates Paul Deasy (left), Jamie Whelan (middle) and Charlie Odegaard (right) stand outside the KAFF Country radio studio with Dave Zorn after a debate hosted by the station last week.

With just days before the mayoral primary on Aug. 4, the three candidates have raised a combined $31,845 and spent a combined $29,662, according to campaign finance documents.

Of the three candidates, Councilmember Charlie Odegaard’s campaign has raised the most money -- although a substantial portion of that has been donated by Odegaard himself.

Odegaard began the year with about $500, but that soon began to increase as he raised $10,995 before July. Of that, just over $5,000 has been donated by Odegaard. He continued to raise money, bringing in an additional $2,560 since the beginning of July with $1,485 of that again coming out of Odegaard’s own pocket.

With all that money coming into his campaign, just as much is heading out the door. The campaign has spent just over $13,282 since the beginning of the election cycle.

Candidate Paul Deasy’s campaign appears to have raised the second-highest amount, and unlike the other opponents, his campaign began the year with a completely empty war chest.

Deasy raised $7,900 before July. Of that money, Deasy loaned his campaign $2,000 and donated another $500. Another $2,500 was donated by the local United Food and Commercial Workers Union. Since the beginning of the month, Deasy raised an additional $1,710 with $500 of that again loaned to his campaign by himself.

Deasy has spent just over $8,480 this year.

Councilmember Jamie Whelan came into the year with $422. She raised another $7,880 before July and another $800 since the beginning of the month.

Since the beginning of the year, Whelan has spent just over $7,900

In the race for Flagstaff City Council, the money candidates are bringing in and have spent varies drastically depending on the candidate.

Candidate Becky Daggett has raised by far the most money. After entering the year with $1,224 already in the bank, Daggett raised an additional $12,254 dollars before July. Of that money, $1,500 came from the local United Food and Commercial Workers Union. Additionally, she raised over $1,264 from individuals donating $50 or less.

And that momentum looks like it is continuing. She raised another $344 since the begging of July, and her campaign spent just over $8,250 since the beginning of the year.

Candidate Eric Senseman entered the year with $52 in the bank, raising $3,224 before July.

A substantial amount of that money appears to have come from non-Flagstaff residents, with $1,875 originating from nine out-of-state donors. Since July, Senseman raised an additional $1,125 -- with the bulk of that money again originating outside of Flagstaff.

Councilmember Jim McCarthy entered the year with $3,000, which he had donated to his own campaign. He raised another $1,732 before July with $1,522 again coming out of his own pocket.

Candidate Miranda Sweet began the year with no money funding her campaign but raised $1,550 before July.

Candidate Eric Nolan entered the year with $342 in the bank, raising an additional $623 through the first half of the year.

So far this year candidate Anthony Garcia has donated $550 dollars to his campaign but has yet to raise money through donations.


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