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Flagstaff History: Lost boys had adventure involving wild animals scare
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Flagstaff History: Lost boys had adventure involving wild animals scare

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Flagstaff History

125 years ago

1896: There are several cases of measles in town and it is probable that there will be more in the near future.

Arizona public schools had 1,450 pupils enrolled in 1895. There were also 314 teachers to whom around $137 was paid in salary and property.

R. H. Cameron has received back the results from the Last Chance mine at the Grand Canyon that he had sent to Denver. The assay is very favorable, ranging from $90 to $186 per ton.

There are now nine prisoners confined in the county jail in Coconino County.

Try Electric Bitters for your troubles. Why not buy a bottle now and get relief now? This medicine has been found to be particularly fine for relief and cure of female complaints.

100 years ago

1921: Mayor Sam Quay is expressing a conviction that the formation of a lake at Switzer Canyon is not only conservation of water but also easily feasible and should be carried out as soon as possible. It is estimated that a suitable dam would hold at least 5,000,000 gallons of water or more than five times as much as we have now in our two current reservoirs.

Bruce Scott, 13, and 12-year old John Bridwell had been out to Cliff’s Rancher station visiting the Scott boy’s uncle. They started to walk back to town about 7 o’clock. Two miles this side of the ranger station they saw three big “wolves” with eyes shining in the growing darkness. The boys climbed up a tree. Finally the varmints disappeared, the youngsters climbed down and walked to Mrs. Hodgson’s nearby ranch. There was no one home, so they slept the rest of the night in an old potato cellar. The boys' families were frantic over their absence and telephoned around town early Monday morning. In the morning, the boys came back home.

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Ranger Scott visited the place where they had hidden out and says there were mountain lion tracks all around the area where the boys had been.

50 years ago

1971: Flagstaff police were summoned to the Spur Motel Friday afternoon and taken to room 21 where they found Mr. and Mrs. Henry Zastroupul bound and gagged, apparently with torn bed sheets. They told the police they had answered a knock on the door and told it was the manager. A stocking-capped couple forced their way into the room and the girl held the couple at gunpoint while the male tied them up.

The pair then rifled, taking the keys to the couples’ 1971 Dodge and $80 cash.

After a few minutes, they were able to knock the telephone receiver off the hook and summon the manager, who then called the police. A description of the car was broadcast and within 30 minutes the fleeing suspects were apprehended by the Arizona State Highway Patrol.

25 years ago

1996: The mass transit question.

Flagstaff has been a sideshow to circus-like debate over whether city voters should fund a $50 million street bond to build new roads in the city. The issue is to be decided March 15, and then the question of how to get a bunch of people around town could move to center stage.

The Arizona Daily Sun reported to Flagstaff police what was believed to be a scheme to get access to the newspaper’s bank accounts. Publisher Dan Rowley said he found a letter in the mail from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. The letter said the Nigerian Government was trying to settle old contracts from the prior military government and needed a foreign bank account in which to stash cash.

Flagstaff Medical Center received the Green Ribbon Award for Environmental Excellence by the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce.

During a routine vehicle search following an unsafe lane-change arrest on I–17 near Kachina Village, Department of Public Safety officers arrested the driver having discovered 92 pounds of marijuana hidden in his car.

All events were taken from issues of the Arizona Daily Sun and its predecessors, the Coconino Weekly Sun and the Coconino Sun.

Bruce Carl Ertmann assisted with compiling this week's events.


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