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Moms pushing strollers and dads carrying newborns in slings marched down Aspen Avenue next to college students, grandparents and grade school students carrying signs proclaiming their support of science Saturday afternoon.

The crowd of about a thousand spread from curb to curb and stretched from Flagstaff City Hall back to the starting point at Thorpe Park waving signs that stated "I believe in science, Bob Thorpe doesn't. I vote.", "Got Polio? No? Thank science." and "There is no Planet B."

Science teacher Erin McCamish and her newborn son Shane Anderson were part of the crowd.

"I'm concerned abut where the world is going and what it will be like for my son," she said.

Her friend Karen Kanppenberger pointed out that it wasn't just scientists at the march.

"I'm an English and history teacher. This applies to all of us," she said, as a someone carrying a sign that read "English majors for science" walked by.

Other signs proclaimed, "Even dogs acknowledge science" and "This pagan feminist believes in science."

Addison Hughes attended with her mom. 

"Science is important because it teaches us how to live our lives," she said. 

"We have to send out a message, loud and clear. People are standing up and saying, 'We matter. We count.'" U.S. Rep. Tom O'Halleran told the crowd gathered on the Flagstaff City Hall lawn. He said he wanted people to look in the mirror each morning and identify what science has given them.

"The most important message is that science is not a partisan issue," said Wendy Palen, the board chair for the Canadian group Evidence for Democracy. "Facts are not partisan."

She urged marchers to write letters to their local newspapers and government representatives. 

"Have you ever felt the need to march for science before?" asked Ed Grumbine, from the Grand Canyon Trust. He received a chorus of "no"s. 

Also attending the march were Flagstaff City Councilmembers Eva Putzova and Celia Barotz who also expressed their support for science.

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