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Election 2022: Daggett leads for Flagstaff mayor; Aslan, Matthews, House, Harris ahead in council race

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During the 2022 general election, Flagstaff is voting for their mayor and to fill four city council seats. The Arizona Daily Sun will update results as they become available.

A return to confidence in elections? Flagstaff voters vote in-person in what poll workers call 'encouraging numbers'

Flagstaff mayor

9 a.m. update: While results are not yet final, Becky Daggett's margin is still pretty big this morning: 9,470 votes (60.74%) to Paul Deasy's 6,122 (39.26%), with 99% of precincts reporting.

Midnight update: We're up to 78% of precincts reporting, and Becky Daggett has maintained most of her lead: 8,485 votes (61.69%) to Paul Deasy's 5,270 (38.31%).

10:30 p.m. update: A few more votes finally came in, but the results are still similar: Becky Daggett has 8,217 votes (61.94%) while Paul Deasy has 5,049 (38.06%).

8 p.m. update: The first look at the Flagstaff mayoral race showed Becky Daggett ahead of incumbent Paul Deasy. Daggett leads the race with 7,637 votes (62.6%) to Deasy's 4,563 votes (37.4%).

Becky Daggett is a nonprofit consultant with a long history of public service in Flagstaff. Most recently, she served as vice-mayor on the Flagstaff City Council, a position from which she stepped down in order to campaign for mayor. 

Incumbent Paul Deasy was elected as mayor of Flagstaff in 2020. He holds multiple master’s degrees in economics and political science, and has a professional history as a educational research analyst. 

Flagstaff City Council

9 a.m. update: At this point the outcome seems all but certain: Austin Aslan (10.895, 40.44%) and Lori Matthews (7,560, 28.06%), who were listed on the ballot, have both secured city council seats. Among the write-ins, Khara House (3,443, 12.78%) appears set to earn the other four-year term, while Deb Harris (2,986, 11.08%) has a significant lead over Regina Salas (1,427, 5.30%) for the two-year seat vacated when Becky Daggett decided to run for mayor.

Midnight update: A few hundred more votes have been added, but the results are largely the same as the previous check-in.

10:30 update: After a slight increase in precincts reported, Austin Aslan is still in front (9,616, 39.70%) with Lori Matthews solidly in second (6,115, 25.25%). They are followed by the write-in candidates, with Khara House (3,443, 14.22%) currently in line for the four-year term, and Deborah Harris (2,986, 12.33%) slotted for the two-year term if the results stay the same. Behind them are Regina Salas (1,427, 5.89%), Kevin Dobbe (521, 2.15%) and Sean Golliher (112, 0.46%).

8 p.m. update: The race for Flagstaff City Council shows Austin Aslan leading with 9,040 votes (62.12%) followed by Lori Matthews with 5,512 votes (37.88%). These are the only two official candidates on the ballot. Two write-in candidates will also be elected, but these results will take longer to yield due to the necessity of counting write-in ballots through a separate process.

In the early results, Khara House had 3,443 votes (14.9%) and Deborah Harris was at 2,986 (13%). Those two would claim seats if the results hold. A decent distance behind those two were Regina Salas (1,427, 6.2%), Kevin Dobbe (521, 2.3%) and Sean Golliher (112, 0.5%). 

Austin Aslan is running for reelection to city council after initially winning a seat in 2018. An author with a strong education in conservation biology, he has stated that he is running for reelection to preserve Flagstaff’s character, as well as to continue support for healthy forest management and flood mitigation such as the Rio De Flag project.

Lori Matthews was one of the two city council candidates who qualified for the official ballot. She comes from a long banking career in California, but has focused primarily on supporting unsheltered populations through her nonprofit Anew Living.

Sedona mayor

9 a.m. update: The numbers for this race are still the same as last night.

Midnight update: Scott Jablow's lead has shrunk a bit, but he still has the advantage over Samaire Armstrong by about 15%, 763 votes to 555.

10:30 p.m. update: There have been no changes in the results since the initial release.

8 p.m. update: Scott Jablow leads Samaire Armstrong with 692 votes (65.34%) to 367 votes (34.66%). 

Coming from a career in law enforcement, Scott Jablow moved to Sedona in 2010, where he quickly became involved in local politics via the governing board of the Sedona Fire District and the city planning and zoning commission. 

Recently returned from Hollywood, actor Samaire Armstrong lived in Sedona during her high school years and has run a campaign for mayor on the promise of offering new perspective to the city’s government. 

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