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Ann Kirkpatrick
Ann Kirkpatrick

It's been a little less than five months since Republican and Doney Park dentist Paul Gosar defeated first-term Flagstaff Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick to win northern Arizona's U.S. House seat.

Kirkpatrick announced Tuesday that she plans to run again on basically the same platform of job creation that she had while in office in 2009 and 2010.

"I still think the economy and bringing jobs to the district is a top priority," she said.

Kirkpatrick, a Flagstaff attorney, differs from Gosar on what she would fund and how.

She would support earmarks to mitigate flooding from the Rio de Flag, for example, and federal spending on education, expansion of roads and Internet service, and public broadcast stations such as KNAU.

Gosar has supported broad budget cuts and does not support the use of earmarks; he has pledged to fund Rio de Flag construction through other means.

Now that Gosar has some record of votes and statements as an elected official, Kirkpatrick is on the attack.

"It's clear to see where his priorities are. I think that's different than in the last campaign, and I think quite frankly that the Republicans in Congress have overstepped in their budget proposals that would really cost District 1 thousands of jobs," she said.

She pledged to be "a moderate," and to work with other representatives to solve problems.

Gosar won November's election for the House seat representing Flagstaff, the Navajo Nation and much of rural Arizona as far south as Casa Grande, gaining 49.7 percent of the votes to Kirkpatrick's 43.7 percent.

Libertarian Nicole Patti won about 6.6 percent of the vote.

Voter turnout in 2010 was down across the board when compared to the presidential election of 2008. But those voting for Democrats appeared to drop out of the 2010 election at far greater numbers than those voting for Republicans.

Gosar pulled in 11,400 fewer votes in November than Republican candidate Sydney Hay received in 2008 but still won the election.

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