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1894: One of the most remarkable cowboy fights in Arizona history took place in the lower Verde on Thursday morning. The round-up herd of cows was being corralled when Ashe, the owner of one especially fence breaking steer, objected to the exclusion of the animal from the corral. Ashe’s son and a man named Miller lead the services, which led to a hot set-to which was quickly joined by George Sears, the older Ashe and three or four cowboys. About everyone of the entertainment suffered at least one black eye in addition to other injuries, but no a single man was seriously injured.

Given the deadly nature of diphtheria and its spread in Globe, the physicians there have ordered that a total quarantine of anyone who had contact with those two who have died and the burning of their clothing and their tents.

It is expected that Mr. Lowell’s telescope will be in position by June 1 on the top of the hill west of Flagstaff, 300-feet above the depot platform.

It is expected that Miss Hoxworth will open her kindergarten on Monday.

W.A. Mayflower has commenced the laying of water pipe to the jail.

The A. & P. pay car made a trip over the road last week, leaving checks for the railroad men in their employ.

The Lockett Bros. will deliver their wool clip at the depot this week. They have about 80.000 pounds of fine wool from their clip this year.

The Trustees of the Bellemont School District have secured the services of Miss S. L. Gibson and classes will begin on Monday, May 14.

Seven double-decker car loads of sheep passed though here on Sunday. They were on their way from Bakersfield, California, where a long drought prevails and the fields are barren of grass, to Colorado.

Mr. E. A Braily, who was injured so severely last week, died on Friday morning in the A. L. & T. Lumber Company hospital. He was a very well liked man and a hard worker. His service was largely attended and he was interred in the cemetery south of town.

The fishing in Oak Creek is being ruined by parties who catch large quantities of trout and sell them here in Flagstaff and other places. Fishermen should take action and see to it that the law which prevents the selling of trout is enforced.

George and Fred Hochdoffer have their bakery up and running. Their new sign reads “Star Bakery."

Ice cold soda water, flavored with the finest syrups, is what can be had at the News Depot.

G. H. Coffin has just received a fresh barrel of sorghum. R. J. Ross has fine selection of domestic and Key West Cigars.

Lost: a pair of gold-frame eye glasses. Return to G. A. Bray.

Flagstaff needs a good band this summer and someone to organize it. We have plenty of talent ready to be included.


1919: Paul G. Redlington, district director with headquarters in Albuquerque, arrived here Tuesday morning expecting to remain for some time going over the Forest Reserve in matters of all kinds, including meeting with the Cattlemen’s Association.

In this section with a total of 243 men, 72 enlisted in the Army. It was learned that at the signing of the Armistice, 69 of them want their old jobs back. Mr. Redling said “in most all cases those who have come back to duty on National Forests have been given a substantial raise in salary. We will be glad to see them back."

The family of K. C. Kerby of Government Prairie suffered a double loss in the death of two sons who were suffering from influenza followed by pneumonia. Practically the entire family is in the grip of this deadly disease.

The dining room of the Commercial Hotel, after being closed since last summer, will reopen its doors Saturday morning. Breakfast, dinner and supper can be had that day and on Sunday something special is promised to new and old patrons.

Cattle Inspector Ed Hamilton was here Tuesday conferring with the Sheriff’s Office relative to the matter regarding the shooting at Ross Degrafton near Anita last week. He is employed by the Swanner & Griffins Cattle Company. He was unable to see who was shooting due to the thickness of cedars in the area. He came in and reported that while riding through the area he was shot at three times. One shot knocked off his hat, the second went through his saddles and the third ruined a pair of chaps for him. Although there are plenty of rumors, there are no clues as to who the guilty party was.

The pipe line for new sewer will be of tamped cement instead of vitrified material. The council made this decision after a thorough study of the two materials.

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Hail! Hail! - The gang is almost all here. The last of the boys who went out with the Company I, 158th Infantry are all home. We’re still waiting for those who went to other services.

Mrs. Percival Lowell arrived in Flagstaff from the west Thursday evening and is making a visit to the Lowell Observatory.

Babbitt’s garage has a new man in charge of the Battery and Ignition Department. Ted Dickerson is from Los Angeles.


1944: Be a WAC in the Armed Forces. Here are a few things that WACS do: Camera technician, photographer, map maker, control tower operator, code technician, aircraft propeller specialist, airplane dispatcher and weather observer.

No garments will be accepted for cleaning after this Satuday. All customers are urged to pick up their garments by May 6. We will open again for business on Monday May 20. Acme Cleaners, 111 North Leroux, Phone 9.

With no new automobiles in sight and 15,180 going out of commission every day and permanently off the roads according to the Automotive Association, the number of operational vehicles has shrunk to dangerously near the 20,000,000 mark essential to war time safety needs. Be sure to maintain all inspections and service needs promptly to find and mend needed repairs before they become critical and unfixable.

A crew of about 39 from RKO Radio and Films arrived on Saturday to take pictures and create backgrounds for upcoming films with the spectacular scenery found in Oak Creek Canyon for backgrounds in upcoming western films.

While crediting our farmers for reductions in rationing, it is warned that plenty now does not mean plenty later.

Hog production has increased to where we have plenty for our armed forces and it is unrationed for our citizens. It has also been possible to reduce the ration points required for frozen and dried fruits and vegetables.

At their regular meeting held Tuesday night at the Monte Vista, the 20-30 club developed plans to create centralized playgrounds for our young people in an effort to help curtail the sweep of vandalism that has been sweeping the country.

Four counties in northern Arizona were designated by State Director Robert D. Kendal. As of May 8, any laborer eligible for a job must go through the U.S. Department of Employment.

The Health Unit on Childhood Diseases has proved to be successful in its determined effort to have all children vaccinated from deadly diseases like diphtheria and small pox

All members of the Flagstaff Red Cross are hereby notified that the annual meeting will be held on May 17 at 8 p.m. in the courthouse. All persons who have contribute $1 or more are enrolled as a member and entitled to vote for members of the board.

At the suggestion of Emory S. Land of the United States Commission, the city of Flagstaff has agreed to sponsor a victory ship to be called The City of Flagstaff. It is to be constructed for the Merchant Marine in the shipyard of the California Shipbuilding Company in Wilmington, California. The Merchant Marine Commission suggests the following: 1) To have a fitting plaque 10 x12 inches made carrying a proper description to be placed on the ship. 2) To provide the ship with a library of 100 to 200 books or recreational equipment of any kind. 3) Equip the ship with a phonograph and a good selection records.


1969: Flagstaff businessmen and hotel-motel operators await anxiously as the tourist season arrives here. There continues to be delays in adding off-ramps from the new I-40. A traffic count of now and last year is being taken by the State Highway Commission and other towns, such as Holbrook, affected by being cut off by the new highway are watching the results to the traffic and business in Flagstaff.

The City Council has selected June 12 for the Bond Issue ballot to pay for the new library to be located on Cedar Avenue.

The groundwork for a film to be shown on the Walter Cronkite show CBS coverage of the Apollo flight to the moon is being laid here in Flagstaff this week. They are working with the geologists at the USGS office here in Flagstaff on Moon-scape expectations and the future landing of robo-craft.


1994: The City Council plans to spend $75.6 million on renovating our city between now and 1999. However, the plan does not include a list of 65 other improvements including the highway interchange at Lone Tree intersection nor the overpass that would connect North and South Fourth Streets. “All those things on the unfunded list are necessary or they would not be on the list,” Chris Bavasi, Mayor.

The Benson Construction Company will continue to work double shifts from 6 a.m. to midnight on the downtown renovation project. And streets will continue to be open or closed or open to one-way, one-lane traffic patterns as the work progresses. Motorists should watch for buses turning into the alley between Aspen and Route 66 from Humphrey.

Please shop in downtown Flagstaff and help our local businesses. They are remaining open during all this turmoil and are making a tremendous sacrifice for this improvement of our downtown.

Flagstaff Cablevision has volunteered to display a map on Channel 6 that will show all the changes in street closures, sidewalks and parking access as they change as a public service to Flagstaff citizens and visitors.

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