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Flagstaff History


1894: Pursuant to the provisions of Act No. 73 of the 17th Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Arizona, a general election will be held by the town of Flagstaff, Incorporated on Monday April 6, 1896 for the purpose of electing officers of the town: One Marshall, one Clerk and one Supervisor of Streets.

Fireman Quinn accidentally fell under the drive wheels of his engine at Ash Fork. The wheels passed over his leg crushing it so badly as to require amputation.

The first section of train No. 34 going east, met with an accident at Allentown Sunday morning by running into an open switch. Four freight cars, two filled with oranges and two with lemons, and the engine flew off the track. Elmer Ward, the engineer, suffered the breaking of his right leg between the knee and thigh, besides being pretty badly bruised over the entire body. His fireman, C. D. Delworth, has his back seriously sprained and his hip heavily bruised. W. E. Baker, head brakeman, who was in the cab of the engine was thrown from the cab and hurt his back, breast and hips. The inured men were taken to the railroad hospital in Albuquerque.

Summer or winter, the “Santa Fe Route” is the most comfortable railway between California and the East. The meals at Harvey’s Dining Rooms are an excellent feature of the line and are equaled by those served on the new Pullman cars which are carried on all limited trains.

A.Teizlaw, the merchant tailor of Williams, is in town this week. He has a large tailoring business in that place and took a number of orders here.

J. H. Lee sold his ranch on Upper Oak Creek to Mrs. Elizabeth Howard, and has purchased the store at Aultman, where he will reside in the future.

L. M. Turner is taking out a ditch on the east side of Oak Creek opposite R. Houghton’s ranch. He expects to erect a gristmill in the near future. This is much needed enterprise and will no doubt be paying investment. Mr. Turner recently came from Cape Verde.

Work on the Lane & Mason ditch was delayed for some time recently by the discovery that water would not flow up hill in an open ditch. The receiving end of the ditch was found to be considerably lower than the discharging end. A new survey was made and now the work is progressing rapidly.

At the request of many of my friends, I hereby announce myself as a candidate for Marshall of the town of Flagstaff at the coming April election. J. B. Smith.


1919: We just received word that many of our boys consolidated with the 89th division with the occupational forces in the vicinity of Koblenz, Germany will return home by June of this year.

The first airplane flight over the Grand Canyon occurred on Monday by Lieutenants R. O. Searle and E. D. Jones, while on their way from San Diego to Ellington Field. They has reached Kingman Sunday night and made the epochal flight over the gorge on Monday.

Al Simms, owner of the Lake Mary summer resort, has rented the cottages and store for the season to D. F Kommmers while retaining his possession of the boating and fishing privileges. Mr. & Mrs. Kommmers spent nearly all of last summer at the resort and were favorably impressed with the facility and will open for rent a number tent houses in addition to the cottages.

About 12 a.m. last Saturday night, fire broke out in the barn belonging to Lou Daugherty in back of a house at the corner of Birch Avenue and San Francisco Street. The barn and wood shed next to it were completely destroyed before the fire department could extinguish the blaze, although they were on the scene even before the alarm was turned in. Had they not been, much more damage would likely have occurred. The origin of the fire has not been determined.

Chet Black, at the old stand of the Flagstaff Mercantile Company, has added another department to the popular store. He has made arrangement for a regular, steady and frequently shipped line of eastern meats and offers to his customers the advantage of a meat market in the same room where they purchase the other good thing to eat for the table. The first of the new stock includes beef, pork, mutton, lamb and veal. Fresh fish and oysters are also on the menu every weekend.


1944: The new prices reflect the additional cost of the new victory-line new footwear to retailers. The new footwear will nearly equal the wearing quality of rubber footwear produced before Pearl Harbor. The new prices range from $3.22 for mail orders for men’s 14” boots to $18 a pair for men’s black body boots.

Years of experiments for creating a substitute for the silk used in making parachutes have paid big dividends with the entrance of the United States into World War II. Formally, enough silk to make three women’s dresses was required to make a single parachute. Now we have a substitute material created with rayon and cotton.

The time period between Feb. 24, 1944 and March 4, 1944 has been designated by Marvin Jones, War Food Administer, as a special period during which it is hoped that all retailers will cooperate in featuring cabbage as a “Victory Food Special”

This request is caused by all the major areas where they are grown having produced a bumper crop. Retailers are requested to push the use of cabbage by every means possible. Wording advice for this special event may be obtained by writing to Mr. Caldwell Office of Distribution, Goodrich Building, Phoenix, Arizona.

Sears proudly presents their new S–3 synthetic tires. From test tube to final tire -- five years of researching has led to an all state synthetic tire that is beginning to roll out from manufacturing plants and will soon be available to retailers.

Lost: Silver Dollar Bracelet near Grand Canyon Café. Reward. Call Vivian Deurion, 666 or 212 W.


1969: Just after midnight Sunday night, Detective Bert Stamper and Sgt. Tip Roberts were on patrol when they noticed a 1955 sedan going east on Santa Fe Avenue with no tail lights. The car seemed heavily loaded as it was riding low in the back. It pulled into a motel, and two women got out and went to a room. Officers stopped and questioned the two men remaining in the car who were unable to furnish any identification. One claimed the girls had his ID and reached for a purse. Stamper examined it for weapons and discovered it stuffed full of various types of credit cards and receipts. The items included several credit cards, with different names, and receipts showed they had been used for purchases of over $2,000. All four are residents of Phoenix and are being held on charges of felony. The banks have been notified and the credit cards canceled.

The city council has voted to hold a special election to bond to funding the building of our new library.

The Arizona Bank plans to build a new branch in Flagstaff adjacent to NAU to be located at the corner of Humphreys Street and Ellery Ave. directly across from the Science Building.

This past weekend the 50th anniversary of the Grand Canyon National Park was celebrated. To a background of the singing by the NAU Shrine of Ages, Governor Jack Williams presented a bronze plaque carried on the back of Grand Canyon mule to be mounted permanently in the Powell Memorial west of Grand Canyon Village.

The city of Flagstaff will use the power granted under the new anti-liter ordinance to force the removal of the blackened debris from the July 4 blaze that razed the building housing the Muntz Stereo-Parkstore in the 300 block of South Sitgreaves. If the work is to completed by by March 26, the city will do the cleaning job and levy the cost against the owners.


1994: This year's 11-day winter fest wrapped up Sunday with a family cross country ski event at Mormon Lake. Festival Director Sally Liebig said the event drew an estimated 15,000 visitors and they are looking toward an 18-day event next year. Its $82,000 budget is financed in part by $25,000 from the bed, board and booze tax and by the merchants of Flagstaff as a way to encourage tourists during a time when there are fewer visitors. Well attend events included the sled dog races and the arts & crafts show. Hotel and bed & breakfast rooms were well filled.

Police Chief Gary Latham, who began his career on the Flagstaff Police Force 30 years ago as a dollar an hour cadet and rose in the department to lead in the computer age, will retire on March 25, 1994.

Sedona’s no smoking ban in restaurants has gone down in flames. According the Mayor Thron Riggs, the council has no further plans to follow Flagstaffs example and pursue the matter.

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