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1894: Attend the Townsite meeting at Babbitt's Hall Friday night.

R. J. Brevans is confined to his room this week with a severe attack of the rheumatism.

The railroad plat of the Townsite of Flagstaff has been filed in the Recorder’s Office of this county.

The paychecks for the A. & P. employees were distributed along the line by the Pay Car on Saturday and Sunday.

Anton Klein shipped a carload of hay to Chandler on Wednesday. He obtained $21 per ton for it delivered on the cars here.

For town lots and the purchase or lease of railroad lands, apply to C. H. Fancher, General Agent of Land Dept. Albuquerque, N. M. Thomas J. Moyer has been appointed Deputy Clerk of the District Court and will take charge of the office during the absence of Clerk Gibson.

Frank Dexter, who for the past year has been porter at the Bank Hotel, left Monday for Prescott where he has accepted a like position with the Burke House.

The members of Ransom G. A. R., are having their hall painted and surrounded with a wide walk. The stones and rubbish on their lots have been removed. The boys are already beginning preparations to entertain the encampment which will meet here in May 1895.

E. W. Barker the Kansas Cattle Buyer is in town this week. He bought a large number of cattle here last year which he has been able to dispose of. Owing to the number of working men out of employments due to the shutting down of manufacturing establishments, there has not been the usual demand for beef. Consequently the market has had downward tendency.

F. J. Hochderffer and family, who have been spending the winter in Tempe, returned Tuesday. Mr. Hochderffer and son Fred were engaged in the butcher business during the past four months and were doing well. The advent of hot weather in the Salt River Valley drove them to the cool delightful summer climate of the San Francisco Mountains.

The “A Pretzel Co.” played Monday and Tuesday nights in Babbitt’s Hall to crowded houses. The troop is a good one and deserves the patronage bestowed upon it and it is hoped that they may come this way again.

A petition is being circulated praying the Board of Supervisors to pass a no fence order so far as hogs are concerned. The owners of hogs have generally signed the petition.

S. S. Acker received of Harry Fulton of Diablo Canyon, Tuesday, two fine Berkshire hogs which he will take to his Apache Maid Ranch for breeding breeding purposes.


1919: Mules For Road Work – The county is starting its repair and new road work. J. B. Wright, county engineer, got back from Phoenix on Monday where he had purchased eight big mules to be used in construction on county roads. The mules got in Wednesday night in a car with some others of the same species bought by Henry Schenk, J. B., and Dunn and Fred Russell. A gang of 10 men and the eight mules will take to the roads soon and the crew will camp out where their work is until they are through. George Hulsey will be in charge.

Flagstaff’s Board of Trade has a new member. It is honored by Miss Laney, of the Flagstaff Lumber company. She is a real live wire and says that the things Flagstaff needs right now are a new hotel and some apartments, houses or flats. She has yet to attend a meeting and says these things but, is also saying she expects they will say “O, that’s just a woman speaking.” But that old hackneyed phrasing is the death of us, along with other old ideas and sayings of our fathers.

The White Garage is soon to be moving its business into new and larger quarters. Will Marlar, who owns the building in which the firm now is, also owns the corner where Sheppard has for years run his restaurant. He has already started to tear down the old brick building and as soon as possible will start work on a new one. The new building will be modern in all respects and built for the garage business with all the new wrinkles found advisable for the auto man. The building will take the entire corner and run all the way back to the Dance Hall on Beaver Street and down to the present garage on Railroad Avenue.

The Board of Trade is taking an active interest in a clean-up week in Flagstaff. They are acting in full cooperation with the Town Council. It has been decided that the week beginning April 14 should be devoted to making Flagstaff a cleaner, more healthful place to live in. Surely this is a long felt need. And if the citizens become interested and work together, splendid results will be obtained. The Town Council is asking that all rubbish be put in receptacles and placed the the alleys where it will be collected and hauled away.


1944: The Chamber of Commerce reports that the preliminarily surveys for the proposed Flagstaff Municipal Airport are complete and have been submitted to the Civil Aeronautics Commission for approval.

Residents who have an extra room to rent for the summer months are urged to list them with the Chamber of Commerce. Phone 90. Many inquiries have been received in recent weeks. Mr. Dorothy Farrar Harcourt, Secretary.

An accident which occurred Tuesday night just east of the overpass at Winona resulted in it two passengers being hospitalized in the Flagstaff Hospitable. The driver, Pvt. Harry Scheldeck of the U.S. Air Corp. was en route from his station at Albuquerque, New Mexico to San Francisco to deliver the car of his friend John A. Sanders who was killed in the service, to his family. Miss Isabelle Sanders, sister of the deceased had come to Albuquerque for his personal effects and was the other passenger in the car. The driver reported that he was unable to maneuver the curve at the overpass causing the car to skid 160 feet and then to overturn one and a half times, throwing both passenger out of the car.

Flagstaff made a real contribution to the war effort last week with a shipment of a carload of waste paper weighing a little more than 19,000 pounds to the Kellogg Sales Company, Battle Creek, Michigan. Elmere Hubbard, County Chairman of Salvage.

Oddly we haven’t seen an onion for months. What has happened to the crops of this common strongly flavored bulb?

Arizona Star flour enriched to a new heath standard. It’s the same high-quality, all-purpose flour in a bright new red, white and blue package.

The Fire Department was called out Wednesday morning at 10:30 to extinguish a roof fire at a residence owned by Wong June at 11 S. San Francisco St. Damages amounting to approximately $50 was reported.


1969: The City Council has given the green light to a $350,000 bond election to aid in the construction of a new city library. The bond would go toward the construction, equipping and land landscaping of a library building on the corner of Turquoise and Cedar on the west side of McMillan Mesa.

The Flagstaff School Board will vote on May 5 on whether to accept the Lay Committee recommendation to use a radius system or stick to its current distance walked to supply school bus transportation. This has touched off a furor among the parents about the dangers of some streets for walking. Along with protests about the amount of violence by their children in some of the schools.

Vandals shot a window out at Cork & Bottle Liquor Store on Sunday evening. Damage appears to have been about $100.

Thieves took three gasoline cans, a boat trailer wheel and a tire from shed behind the home of Tom Crosby North Rose Street. Value estimated at $330 last Sunday night.

Flagstaff Police recovered a 1969 Oldsmobile that had been reported stolen in New Jersey. They noticed it parked for a period of time on South San Francisco street and watched until four men arrived. The men got in and began to drive away. They stopped the car, arrested the men for grand theft and took possession of the car.

The State Highway Department has announced that the Oak Creek Highway will be closed at certain time beginning April 27 for work on realignment and paving.

The Chamber of Commerce is working with developer on proposal that will not only improve access to the snow, but also make hiking to the Inner Basin more available.


1994: Spring took a vacation Saturday night, and by Sunday morning there was an inch and half of hard granular snow pellets -- common when the weather is warming up -- on the ground.

While the snow fall has not been generous this winter and the skiing poor, other tourists have been keeping the motels and hotels pretty full and now they have upped their rates to summer levels.

Last September, the city switched from weekly bulky trash pick up to monthly pick creating a savings of about $100,000. This has lead to concerns about some trash sitting around for too long as well as confusion about which week is your week to put it out. The city does not pick up items such as tires, engine oil or hazardous materials. The date has been set for Saturday April 30th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the City Hall west parking lot for disposing of these items.

As the snow piles disappear, there is a lot of junk and debris appearing all over the city and residents are urged to wage war on this accumulation as a part of the city wide clean-up project this weekend. There are many bins placed around town to receive trash, but please don’t put those tires and engine oil in them since they are not accepted at the Cinder Lakes Landfill.

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