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Coconino Sun Editor Fred Breen at his rolltop desk in the newspaper's offices on Aspen Avenue in Flagstaff.

100 Years Ago

From 1918  The State Assessors and the State Tax Commission unanimously voted to increase the assessed valuation on sheep from $6.00 to $7.00 per head and to reduce the valuation on cattle from $29 to $27. This action was met with unanimous opposition from the sheep men of the state and it is said that assessments made in Coconino County will go on the roll at the old rate.

The Arizona Central Bank of Flagstaff acquired another branch bank on January 1st when the Williams State Bank of Williams was taken over by that institution. C.C. Harvey, formerly assistant cashier of the bank here, will have charge of the new branch assisted by Stuart Campbell. The Arizona Central Bank now has branches at Williams, Kingman, Oatman and Chloride.

All the construction work on the addition to the main building of the Northern Arizona Normal School has been placed in the charge of George Babbitt, with T. J. Mahoney as foreman.

For the past two Sundays, the Flagstaff Home Guard has gathered on the old Company 1 target range north of town for the purpose of trying out and targeting the Winchester rifles recently acquired. The receipt of the new rifles has started renewed interest in the Home Guard. Several of the old members have returned to the organization and several new ones have joined.

After spending an hour at F. O. Allen’s, one is easily convinced that the chicken business pays even at a high elevation. Not all can be successful chicken growers as it takes a great deal of time, patience and care to make the hens “come through.”They need warm housing, plenty of a good variety of feeds, water, and exercise. Mr. Allen recently received a pen of Rhode Island Reds, one hen, seven pullets and a rooster. This is a particularly good variety of hen for this location since they are good for their meat and nice layers as well. DeLore Nichols, County Agent.

Sitton and Murphy were in Kingman recently from the Aquarius Range, where they made the discovery of the old Shipp Mine, which is said to have been lost many years ago. The ore brought in from the property is high in lead-silver values and also carries copper. The vein is said to be quite large and has an outcrop for a long distance along the strike.

Tom Sickles brought in from the Allapai Mountains samples of ore that gave results of better than 200 ounces of silver to the ton. This ore comes from a new find in neighborhood of Moss Wash, about 20 miles southeast of Kingman.

Alf Dickinson, proprietor of the Pine Rooming House, is remodeling this well-known hostelry. The rear rooms of the building are being worked over, some of them enlarged and 11 more added. New bathrooms, toilets and a linen room will be put in the new addition. He also intends to install a steam heating plant. When finished he will have an up-to-date place and one that's in better shape to accommodate patrons.

The Library Board is pleased to announce the greatest of all attractions next week when they will show the film “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm” with Mary Pickford in the starring role. Like everything else the price of films has risen. The price is now 35 cents.

C. W. Latham, brakeman on the Saginaw logging road, was caught between two cars while switching at Camp 13 last Saturday night and crushed so badly that death followed about one hour later. He had been employed for only a few days when the accident occurred and was not well known. He was formerly a railroad engineer but had taken a position as brakeman as he had not been able to find employment as an engineer. Apparently the accident occurred from his failure to set the brakes on the water car. 

The Board of Trustees of the Flagstaff School District have been regularly petitioned and have called a school election for Saturday, January 26, to vote upon the question of purchasing a school site on the south side of the railroad.

It is reported that the snow is 13 inches deep at Saginaw Camp Number 13.

75 years ago

From 1943 – The “Buy a Bomber“ drive is near its $243,000 goal -- $233,000 had been raised by press time.

The largest Ponderosa pine tree ever cut in the Southwest, so far as records reveal, was felled in Boxcar, Arizona this week by the Saginaw & Manistee Lumber Co. It is estimated to be at least 500 years old. This tree was cut into 2 logs, one 31 feet and the other 32 feet in length. The diameter of the stump is 5 feet 8 inches.

A couple from Grand Falls is being held in the county jail on charges of having illegal beef in their possession. They were arrested on Monday by Stock Inspector Herb Smith.

An Aero-Mayflower Transit Company van was slightly damaged Christmas Day when the driver was blinded, having hit a large deep a waterhole on Highway 66, one mile east of Flagstaff. Damages to the front of the van were not estimated. There were no injuries.

Robert Lukas of Flagstaff was arrested by Patrolman Robert H. Jones on charge of disturbing the peace. According to the complaint signed by the patrolman, Lukas disturbed the peace by calling Jones obscene names, using vile and offensive language, and attempting to use force and violence upon him. He appeared before Justice of the Peace, J. C. Maxwell, pled guilty and was fined $50.

Crime has slipped to such a low ebb in Flagstaff that on Tuesday, Sheriff Perry Francis swiped Rev. George Gooderham‘s bicycle. It is believed that Sheriff Francis wanted the bicycle because of the “C“ gas ration card recently issued to Rev. Gooderham by the local gas rationing board. When Rev. Gooderham missed his bicycle he rushed into the Sheriff’s Office to report the loss. After the local officers had led him on for a while about his loss they returned his bicycle.

About 1000 children attended the FREE annual Christmas Gift Show given at 11 o’clock Friday morning at the Flagstaff and Orpheum Theatres, according to Clarence Sartzer, Manager.

A man, who was recently incarcerated in the Flagstaff City Jail for fighting,  developed a specious rash. Doctors were called in and voted 3 -1 that he was afflicted with Small Pox. He was rushed to the hospital where he was given a Wasserman test. The Medics were perplexed until the utterly confused man muttered “many bugs who bite much.” The Flagstaff City Jail appears to have  bed bugs. Mayor George R. Herrington promised that the city jail would be promptly freed of the vermin.

50 Years Ago

From 1968 – The 30-foot tree, which was set up on the courthouse lawn early in December with a great deal of fanfare, seems to have lost its friends as it is sagging sadly. It’s huge gold star is weather beaten, the strings of lights are all awry. There’s even a story going around that it was never lit. SOMEONE ought to take that tree down, before it falls on an innocent by stander.

Sears Warehouse Clearance Sale: 15” Color TV with legs was $379 and is now $297. 23” Black & White television, Early American was $219.95 is now #197. New Wringer Washer, was $149.95 is now $127. Kitchen Cabinets, 1 lot of store demonstrators 50% off. Electric Range, Classic with double oven repossessed was $399.95 now $97. Refrigerator - 12 cu. ft. frostless, Coppertone was $329.95 now $199. Portable dishwashers - top loading only were $229.95 now $199. Use Sears Easy Payment Revolving credit plan!

Judge Woo, a leading member of the city’s business community, today became the final candidate for the post of mayor in the forthcoming city election. Woo received all his education here, is a graduate of Flagstaff High School and what is now Northern Arizona University; he earned a Bachelor of Science degree at Northern Arizona University. Woo operates his own accounting firm and is also the owner of Plaza Pizza Parlor and the Stein Club. After living here all his life, he said “I feel I owe the city something.”

For the first time in two years the City of Williams was able to hold their much planned, oft-canceled Sled Dog Races and several thousand spectators had a ball. Ten teams of dogs in both the "Open" and "5 Dog" classifications raced for prizes. And, both Junior Sled Dog Racers and snow-shoers competed for trophies. The top winners in the Sled Dog Races, were Ernest Harringfeld of Ashton, Idaho, who won the "10 Dog" event and $240 for his effort, and home grown Doug Bard of Williams, who won the "5 Dog" event with his Siberian Huskies and $70.

Flagstaff’s real property taxpayers approved the city sewer improvement bond issue by a narrow margin.

Robert Sanchez died yesterday of smoke inhalation in a fire believed to have been ignited by a burning cigarette.

25 years ago

From 1993 – At their meeting on Tuesday night, the City Council approved the building of affordable housing on a 2-acre site on Isabel Avenue. Local residents are opposed to this, saying it has been and should remain a green belt area.

In 1992, car rental agencies paid the city about $148,000 as 10% of their gross receipts, which comes to about a quarter of the total receipts from the air port. The new facilities are expected to open in February with new and additional fees being considered and protested by both the air line and the car rental agencies, who are saying the projected fees are larger than at other airports and will cause a rise in their rates to the detriment of the number of flights in and out of Flagstaff.

Ice is taking over Fairfield Pond and about 25 ducks are stranded. Tom Britt, Arizona Game and Fish Supervisor for Region 11, believes that most of them were Easter duckling gifts; he believes they were dropped off at the pond when they became ducks. Fairfield residents have been feeding them. In the small unfrozen area now left to them, they will soon become prey for wild animals and loose dogs. Game and Fish has no jurisdiction or any place to relocate them even if it did.

This week’s heavy rains are causing flooding in places all across Arizona. Oak Creek is flooding over its bridges and Pinion Creek in Kachina is up and over the roads, leaving only one access into Kachina open. Long time residents of Oak Creek say the water is higher than it has been since 1978.

There was a rushing stream between Enterprise and Butler for a time on Friday.

The Little Colorado River is near to overflow and authorities have evacuated nearby residents in preparation for an additional deluge. Winslow is hoping to gain access to the National Guard Armory as a shelter.

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Compiled from the archives of the Coconino Sun and Arizona Daily Sun by Susannah Carney


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