1917 "The Maker of Dreams" at the Orpheum

"The Maker of Dreams" at the Orpheum Theater in 1917.

100 Years Ago

From 1918 – The Board of Supervisors has decided to appropriate the necessary funds for the construction of a new ferry at Lees Ferry. The old one, which is a kind of raft affair, and has been in use for many years was not fitted for the carrying of livestock. As the Grand Canyon Cattle Co. proposes hereafter to do all their shipping out and in via the ferry route to Flagstaff, the building of a new boat was deemed as a profitable investment of county funds.

Dear Mr. Wilson, Chief, Flagstaff Fire Department: On behalf of the Arizona Lumber & Timber Company I wish to thank you and each member of the Fire Department for the splendid assistance which was rendered Sunday in  controlling the fire at our office building. From the moment your apparatus arrived to assist our fire department, we felt there was no question about checking its spread since the work of yourself and the men forming your company was beyond all praise. As a slight token of our appreciation of your cheerful and effective work we are sending you a check for $50, which we know you will not spend in water.

The fire boys get nothing for their work but get out in the middle of the night any old time to save our properties and to usually ruin a suit of clothes in the work. They have decided to use the money donated to them for shoes and for firefighting equipment.

The stage is set for the Big Municipal Show on Monday night. A picture and vaudeville show will be staged and the entire receipts will be used to purchase a third Liberty Bond for the town. Manager Costigan will turn over the keys to the Orpheum and take a seat with the audience to to see how it feels to be entertained by another’s show. He has also secured the donation of several one- and two- reel pictures from the producers to be used in addition to our local production. The films include a Drew comedy titled “His First Ball Game” and Tom Mix in “Hearts and Saddles.”

The Municipal Band will do a turn that will include an overture, burlesque and accompaniment to a quartet, which will sing the latest song hits. Tickets for this unusual event are on sale in many of the places of business.

Have you seen the tables in Babbitt’s window that will go to the soldier boys? How fine they are. Ten have been made by the Manual Training Boys at the Normal School. We saw them just as they were ready for crating. Each table has two checker boards painted brightly upon it and no doubt will afford much pleasure to the the boys at different cantonments.

Arizona will shortly be drier than ever and patrons of soft drinks establishments will find their thirst harder to satisfy now that the production of “Near Beer“ and other “Temperance Beverages,” which fall under the definition of malt liquors, will be curtailed by the President’s recent proclamation. This limits brewers of beer to up to 70 percent of grain and other food products used last year.

Within the last few weeks the price of laundry soap by the box has practically doubled and indications are that it will continue to climb. A good grade of laundry soap can be made in the home from drippings, rancid oils and fats. Use seven pounds of fat and one pound of lye dissolved in 11 cups of water.

Bert Fair, who has a ranch 18 miles north of town, proved up on the same last Saturday.

Dr. Thomas Manning, Superintendent of Public Health, lifted the quarantine on Flagstaff’s smallpox cases last week. There were three cases at the Normal School and one at the Ideal Hotel.

W.J. Kaup of Bellemont, who advertised in last week’s Sun desiring to purchase two work horses, got what he wanted almost before the paper reached his place.

County Engineer J. B. Wright left Wednesday for Oak Creek to make an estimate of the cost of the proposed new bridge at The Falls, the old one having been washed out recently by floodwaters.

75 years ago

1943 – Representatives of the Office of Price Administration will be at the courthouse next week to assist truck operators in filling out the forms and other paperwork involved in getting their gasoline and tire ration cards.

The Normal School will refund the tuition paid by those who enlist in the armed services.

The Weather Forecasting Station is moving in from Parks to the Flagstaff Post Office Building, where Room 201, which has been occupied by the Forest Service, is being made available for them. Mr. Hussy is moving his Forest Service office into the city building where the telegraph office has been located.

The section of Kaibab National Forest located north of Bellemont and east of Kendrick Mountain is to become a part of the Coconino National Forest and administered from Flagstaff. This will make it easier to coordinate the operation of the timberlands and fire control.

Bootlegger operations are wilting in the face of increased law enforcement. Thirty have been arrested and brought before the court in recent weeks.

A firefighting force of 64 volunteers has been formed at Mt. Elden for training in forest firefighting by the Forest Service. They received 12 hours of training and given an identification arm band.

Lucien Lelong’s perfumed soap. 4 bars in a neat box a luxury you owe yourself. $4. @ Moore Drug Store

Lost: Check Book. Return to Monte Vista. $20 reward.

We buy Tools and Guns for cash. Harper Mercantile Company.

“The Stories behind the Headlines.” The yearbook of the Great War Year of 1942 is now available at the Flagstaff Public Library. Miss Gertrude Hill, Librarian.

ALERT: Holders of a Bicycle Rationing Certificate. Get your Victory Model Bicycle at SEARS. $31.50. Easy Terms.

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Naval officers are here this week recruiting for enlistees in the Sea-Bees.

Arizona merchants are again warned against accepting beef ration stamps prior to their date of validation. This is illegal. The Office of Price Administration.

Housewives may now turn in their saved fats in glass jars and receive 4 cents a pound but no extra “points.” Previously, only fats in tin cans were being accepted.

H. 71 Fri. L. 28 Wed. Rain 0.16” Wed. & Thurs.

50 Years Ago

1968 – Today in Williams the sky is blue. No longer is there a great black cloud rising from the burning dump of the Haining Lumber Mill. Its remaining employees have been laid off as the company faces bankruptcy proceedings. The mill has been fully closed for the past 6 weeks and is in the process of receivership. With no smoke there are no paychecks.

The Willilams radio station is to open in mid May. KCYN will be broadcasting between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. with news and music. The broadcasting tower is located at the Williams rodeo grounds and the studio is in the Northland Realty Building.

Coconino County has approved the request by Gulf Oil Company for a permit to operate a plant near Winona to process ammonium nitrate-- saying that the plans meet all the State of Arizona laws and the United States Bureau of Mines standards.

The Flagstaff School Board has accepted a bid of $78,064 to build a new auditorium near Coconino High School for the use of all our Public Schools.

The School Board has also voted pay raises for teachers for next year. The rate for beginning teachers will rise from $5,280 to $5,600, which will bring our beginning teachers slightly closer to the average annual rate in the State of Arizona.

Following the designation of Coconino County as a “Disaster Area,” the State Tax Commission has approved the use of the funds provided for such things as the removal of snow from county building roofs to prevent damage to the structures.

At Babbitt’s Thriftway: Cube Steak 99 cts., Boneless Ham 89 cts. .Yogurt 29 cts., Green Onions 5 cts., Artichokes 19 cts., Avocadoes 19 cts., Asparagus 29 cts, 10 pounds potatoes 59 cts.

The Daily Special at Crown Restaurant includes soup or salad, and coffee. $1.10 - 3300 East Santa Fe Avenue.

Color TV, $339.98, General Electric Automatic Washer $219. Matching Dryer $178. Maytag Automatic Washer $229., Gibson Refrigerator $219.99. Harper’s Furniture. We service what we sell.

This upcoming Saturday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., the NAU Epsilon PI Social fraternity will be conducting a door-to-door drive in a “Food for the Needy Service” for the Salvation Army.

Forest Service Roads are still very muddy and in poor condition. Most are closed to access, including those to the Rim Lakes. Lake Mary road is “passable.”

25 years ago

1993 – On Friday water flooded the railroad underpass again when the underground springs and faulty pumps wreaked havoc with drivers and road workers. The pumps were installed in 1959 for the underpass to divert the spring water into the Rio de Flag. This being one of our wettest winters, the pumps have been in constant use. ADOT plans to rebuild and add new pipes and pumps next summer with the hope that this will not happen again.

In June of 1992 the Flagstaff City Council declared the downtown area as a ”slum and blighted area“ based on five criteria in Arizona state law. 1) About 45% of the land in the Redevelopment Area is in a floodplain. 2) Unhealthy conditions, the result of the proximity of the railroad and major arterials to a lower density residential area. 3) The number and variety of property ownership, which make it difficult to combine for single development projects. 4) Incompatible land uses such as the railroad and heavy commercial operations next to residential areas. 5) Structural deterioration of buildings in about 64% of the proposed redevelopment area. These conditions may qualify for state assistance.

The Prent AZ Corporation has moved to Flagstaff and is the largest manufacturing company to come to town in the last decade. The Jamesville, Wisconsin, company has opened an office at 2131 North First Street in Flagstaff’s east side. The company manufactures custom packaging for medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. This custom plastic manufacturing is called Thermoforming. Currently Prent has seven part-time and two full-ime employees,according to Ross Harms, Plant Manager. He also said he expects to hire more full-time employees in June.

The part-time employees are being paid $4.50 an hour with the rate rising to as much as $4.50 an hour for full-time employees. Flagstaff’s newly instituted Enterprise Zone and the possibility of a $5,00 tax credit for the hiring of each Stone Forest Industry person recently laid off were part of Prent’s decision to come to Flagstaff.

Permits for new home construction went up from 502 to 550 in 1992, a 16% increase over 1991; and despite the very wet January this year, permits are up another 10% for this period this year. The need for more housing in Flagstaff and lower home loan interest rates are driving factors.

It also appears from preliminary reports that retail sales in 1992 grew 11% over 1991.

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Compiled from the archives of the Coconino Sun and Arizona Daily Sun by Susannah Carney.


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