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1894: Lowell Observatory May 12, 1894 to the citizens of Flagstaff: I desire to publicly acknowledge the receipt of the letter handed to me last week of your assurance of the assurance of your cooperation to co-operate in the furtherance of my work and promising further assistance same purpose of my work. It is my purpose to thank you on behalf of Mr. Lowell. Faithfully yours, A. E. Douglas.

The steamer Mohave will leave Needles on a trip through the Black Canyon of the Colorado River. This canyon is 165 miles up from Needles and about 35 miles in length. It is said to have the most awe-inspiring scenery of any steamboat route in the world.

Veterinary surgeon Norton killed 14 horses in the vicinity of Mesa on account of glanders. These are the only cases since they had been previously suspected and had been sequestered separately.

Yavapai miners are offering to work for $1.50 a day.

J.W. Thurber was in town on Tuesday and he finds his injuries improving finely.

M.C. Ditton, the Williams attorney, has filed his bond as a notary public.

There will be a large increase in cultivated acreage in this area this year.

A fine catch of carp from Rodgers Lake arrived at Acker’s Market and were on sale Monday. The carp planted in several lakes in this area a few years ago have survived and are doing finely. They have increased in such numbers that the lakes are alive with them.

A unique and enjoyable entertainment was given at Babbitt’s Hall on Wednesday night. The entertainment consisted of lullabies of all nations interspersed with tableau. It was given for the benefit of the Presbyterian Church.

Jesse Seligman, the New York millionaire, passed through here on Saturday in his private car Wyandotte. He was accompanied by his wife, his two daughters, a man and a private secretary.

The last term of the school year in Flagstaff occurred on Friday.


1919: Yes, you need a state license issued by the State Game and Fish to fish in Lake Mary. There has been a lot of confusion about who had jurisdiction, The state, The A.L. & T. or the Forest Service. Game Warden F. A. Allen was here last week and after consulting with all of them posted a notice clearly stating that a state license is required.

It is still rumored that a Western Union relay station may be moved to Winslow since the government has taken over the system and decided more stations are needed. It is also rumored that the system will be returned to private hands and the change will not be made.

At their meeting Monday evening, the city council decided that Agassiz Street should be paved clear to Railroad Avenue.

The Board of Trade, the Farm Bureau and the Santa Fe Railroad are planning to improve and increase the county potato crop in so far as they can. They will try to do two things. Increase the acreage planted by proper growing and grading, and marketing increase the yield per acre. Growers are urged to keep an eye out for the potato wart which has appeared in Pennsylvania. If unchecked, it can turn a potato into a spongy mass.

There are many strangers in town this week. The hotels are running over with guests every night.

Mr. Urbano Garcia, an expert saddle maker, is in town this week. He may relocate here from Kingman.

The Flagstaff Post Office is doing large registered and money order business. The number of stamps canceled is largely above last year. This is certainly an indication of the prosperity of the community.

FOUND: A gold watch charm in the shape of a heart. The owner may have same by calling at the office of the SUN.

M.C. Mitchell will open on Monday with a fine stock liquors and cigars at the old stand of the “Last Chance.”

A good many of our businessmen are busy clearing their backyards of the accumulation of the winter’s filth. This work kept up as to all.

To clear out my present stock of Singer Sewing Machines, I will offer special prices to cash customers and reduced rates on time purchases. A. W. Wards, General Agent for northern Arizona.

There are still plenty of potatoes in Flagstaff, but at present there is no market for them near enough to ship them at a profit.


1969: NAU physical plant workers returned to their jobs Thursday morning after a series of temporary injunctions and restraining orders, by order of Coconino County Superior Court Judge J. Thomas Brooks ended a 35-hour walkout. This promises to be only the beginning of what promises to be lengthy litigation in the matter. The Board of Regents has entered into the negotiations.

Armed robbers hit Ron’s Shell Service Station on East Santa Fe Tuesday night. When Dan Clark, the service station attendant, refused to give them any money one of the two robbers pulled a 22-caliber weapon on him and locked him in the bathroom. They then took about $100 which was mostly in coins from the cash register.

Businessmen are reminded that all signs defined as “portable,” under the Flagstaff sign code, must be removed from the sidewalks in front of their businesses by Saturday night.

All entries for Flagstaff’s First Annual Horse Race to be held on June 7 and 8 must fill entry forms and they must be made on the forms supplied by the NHRA. They available from Donna Sapp. The horse show will be held at Fort Tuthill with two full days of varied events.

Neatly furnished apartment on North West Street, $20 a week - $80 a month. Children welcome.

New cutting alfalfa hay. $1.50 a bale. Leonard Cook, Cottonwood.

Beautiful kittens. Free to good homes – Siamese Persian cross, several colors. Boys and girls. See at city park Saturday.

Red Wood Inn. 2136 N. 4th Street. Packaged goods. Payroll checks cashed. Go–Go dancing.

Handcock Fabric Outlet. – Saturday and Monday only.

The airport job nears its end. Francis X. Shamerell, airport manger, reports that the project is about 65% completed. It is expected the runway will be paved, completed and ready. Frontier Airways to resume flights by June 1. The entire length of the 7,000-foot runway is being widened to 150 feet. Additional drainage facilities and a seal-coat on the taxiway are included in the improvement project.

Monuments, markers, manufacturers. Flagstaff Monument and Marble Company. We carry a complete stock. You are invited to visit our display at 423 W. Santa Fe.

Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site at Ganado will return to a seven-day week operation beginning June 1. Due to employment difficulties, tours have been available for only three or four days a week since November. Bernard Tracy, acting superintendent.


1994: Coconino County Supervisor Dennis Wells is seeking approval for a Red Rock Pathway which would make a 30-mile loop around Sedona. Nonmotorized vehicles would be permitted on the pathway which would commence along Highway 89A.

Please vote YES on May 17 and bring our schools and education up to tops again, and give our students a clear pathway in the new technology emerging in our world.

A majority of our 450 city employees are called “classified” and may receive a salary increase of up to 5%, including a 5% “market adjustment." The professional, technical and administrative staff members at city hall may receive raises of up to 8%. City council members are expected to present a final city budge by June 7.

Did you know that the cost of health care has gone up twice the rate of inflation since 1960?

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