Flagstaff History: Man with suspended sentence robs again

Flagstaff History: Man with suspended sentence robs again

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Flagstaff History


1894: I am requested to give notice that the Lowell Observatory will be open to visitors on Friday, Nov. 9 from 7 to 9 p.m. The telescope will be pointed on the moon for one hour and on Mars for the remainder of the evening. A. E. Douglas.

At an unknown hour Tuesday night, two prisoners made their escape from the county jail and up to the hour of going to press they have not yet been captured. They were confined pending investigation for breaking into railroad cars and appropriating merchandise for their own use. Jeff Fitters was in charge of the prisoners at the time, the sheriff and deputy being elsewhere at the time.

William Woods and Jack O’Neal have discovered at Black Rock near Camp Thomas what is said by mining experts to be the richest mining prospect ever discovered in the vicinity. The ledge is eight inches thick where it crops out and runs nearly straight down. It was found to be wider and richer all the way down.

The latest investigations by the United States and Canadian Governments show the Royal Baking Powder superior to all others in purity and leavening strength.

There are a lot of sick babies in town this week.

J. B. Pouthis is building an addition to his blacksmith and machine shop.

Beasley Brothers shipped two carloads of fat sheep to Los Angeles on Thursday.

Found – a love letter. Owner can have by calling at this office and proving property.

There will be preaching services in the Presbyterian Church by the Pastor for the next Sabbath, both morning and evening.

Alonzo Mason and Mrs. M.A. Jackson were in town last week laying in their winter’s supplies.

Clark Hill, school teacher at Cornville, galloped in on his foaming steed to cast a straight Republican vote. He was the first to drop his ballot in the slot.

The Williams Band, upon its recent visit to Flagstaff, was the subject of much favorable comment for the excellence of the music they furnished. The boys make a specialty of popular airs and they play them well. They easily catch the favor of their hearers. They are neatly uniformed and Williams unquestionably has the champion band along the A. & P. Railroad.

“Sweet Brier” was presented for the first time on any stage by the Eunice Goodyear Company at Babbitts’ Hall Wednesday night. The performance was hailed with great enthusiasm. Miss Goodrich caught the house with a well-executed serpentine dance. Jack Rall proved to be an excellent comedian and character actor. The curtain missed its cue several times.

The weather this week was of that ideal Indian Summer kind that makes one wish for an eternity of sunshine, temperatures tempered with languorous mountain breezes.


1919: Now that the road to the Grand Canyon has been surveyed, Count Engineer Wright is more optimistic than ever before about its advantages over the two existing roads. The proposed new road runs from Maine up through Spring Valley between Government Park and Sitgreaves Peak, passing very closely on the west of Sugar Peak and east of Red Butte. It then strikes the Williams -Grand Canyon road at Rains Tank. It then follows that road to El Tovar. If built, this will reduce the distance from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon by three miles. He says it will cost less to build the new road than to provide proper drainage for the present road, to say nothing of the reducing of the grades to a maximum of 6% since it will be on the top of the divide.

This new road would also open up a lot of new good farming land. There is no hope that this road will be built soon as all the bond money voted for in the recent election is already allocated, but if the county sells the Bright Angel Trail to the Federal Government the money to build the road could then be secured.

J.J. Waldhaus is expecting the arrival of one of the new Overland “Four” cars soon. This is the model that did so very well in the recent Jerome – Grand Canyon contest. It tied for first place with the Oakland “Six." It made more miles to the quart of oil and gallons of gasoline. It also made much better time than any of the other cars in the contest. Joe says that any car of that weight, loaded with four grown men that can get over such roads at such a rate of speed without breaking down nor damaging a single part, is certainly some kind of a car.

The Rifle Club of Flagstaff has been formed and Secretary Jonas D. Guthrie has forwarded the names of members to the National Secretary. In order to receive rifles, members must deposit with Treasurer J. P. Wilson at the Arizona Central Bank $2 each. It is the desire of the officers that this be done immediately as the membership fees must be sent in with the application for the rifles and ammunition.

The Home Guard Dance promises to to be quite an affair on next Tuesday night from the plans the committee have in mind. Make arrangements to be there.

Coconino County farm products at the State Fair have won 61% of the ribbons – including several sweepstakes – to date. This proves that we can grow good things among the pines. Everyone is having a good time. This telegram was received by the SUN just this morning as we go to press. William Beeson is General Manager of the Coconino County exhibit at the State Fair in Phoenix.

The Boosters Club, made homeless by the closing of The Commercial Hotel restaurant for the winter, has a new home. Arrangements have been made with Billy Forum of the Confection Den to feed the hungry Boosters every Thursday noon.

Jose Reis, the young man who burglarized the Kahl Drug and Jewelry Store a couple of months ago and was let go under suspended sentence of a year, slipped into the house which McLean & Walsh, the sewer contractors, use as an office just after the fire was started, stirred things up there the other morning and took $50 out of McLean’s trouser pocket.

Chief of Police R. L. Neil got busy and soon found that Reis was on his way to Phoenix, so he had him taken off the train at Prescott. Truant Officer J.C. Jackson went down after him Wednesday night and then Thursday morning Reis pleaded guilty. Superior Court Judge J. E. Jones will sentence him on Monday.


1969: We are now 10 days into Arizona’s new implied consent law. The Flagstaff office of the Arizona State Highway Patrol reports that in this time period they have had just one driver refusing to take the breathalyzer test. Refusal means the driver will lose his license for six months.

This year the traditional winter-time ban of on-street parking during the early morning hours will go into effect on Dec. 1. During snowstorms, city police officers are authorized to tow away illegally parked cars to facilitate snow removal.

Although the snow cover at the Snowbowl remains rather skimpy, a number of students took to the slopes along with the ski instructors and ski patrol trainees on Tuesday’s Veterans Day Holiday. There is approximately 1.5 to 2 feet of snow in the upper reaches of the Bowl and the tows are not operating. A minimum of 2.5 to 3 feet of snow is required before the lifts are operated.

The Coconino County Sheriff’s Department has been able to identify the four people whose plane crashed near Happy Jack in the fog last Friday as members of a group of three planes flying from Salt Lake City to Mexico.

Tuesday the Veterans Day Parade began at 9 a.m. at the American Legion Post on West Birch Avenue and wound around town with several veteran organizations and both Girl and Boy Scout troops all marching, and both school bands playing.

The Black Bill and Doney Park Water User Association is to appear in Superior Court to answer a complaint made by the Espil Sheep Inc. asking for an injunction be issued to restrain the water users group from constructing a water system in Township 22 north, ranges seven and eight east, located northeast of Flagstaff. Espil claims that any water system will affect water rights granted to them by the U.S. Forest Service. The Arizona Corporation Commission has granted the water users group a Certificate of Necessity to construct the new water system.

Prompt action by the Winslow City Fire Department, and the employees of Duke City Lumber Company, avoided a serious loss at the sawmill on Thursday. It was apparently sparked by a welder and caused about $5,000 in damage in fire and water damage to the electrical equipment. Fortunately, plant operations were not delayed.


1994: Things are looking up for the Utah developer who wants to build a Red Lobster in Flagstaff. The Planning and Zoning Commission voted 4-2 in favor of allowing a land use change on 9.75 acres along South Beulah Boulevard where develop Dylan Yeats wants to build both a hotel and a restaurant development. There is to be a public hearing next week which may be followed by the City Council decision. They have been deadlocked over this issue.

Thanks to CliniComp, nurses at FMC are no longer spending up to two hours a day entering data on patient charts up to four different times on different charts. Eleven computers were installed in the maternity area. They were also next to each bed in the Intensive Care Unit a couple of weeks ago. Next year, a computer will be placed in all the nursing units. All this allows data to go automatically to multiple places where it is needed, and thus frees the nurses from much repetitive work. When the design works correctly as planned, it will increase the efficiency of patient care.

It is expected to improve the patient meal service as well since what is ordered can then be delivered where it is supposed to be at the expected time. The system also reduces the amount of paper used since it is printed only once upon the patients’ discharge. The goal is to become paperless.

Technology is coming to Flagstaff schools as well. Cecilia Owen, counselor at Flagstaff Middle School, will be the district’s new Technology Coordinator. She will begin working with the school librarians in a couple of weeks and aides will be hired to help with refreshing the books in the new system.

There are 24 members on the Recycling Commission all dedicated to extending the life of our dump through recycling and finding recycling facilities to handle a gamete of the materials that the city currently does not pick up at its drop-off centers.

They are also expecting to push forward with curbside recycling. This will make recycling useful materials much likely to happen than when there is a need to carry them to a drop-off bin. Once the material recovery facility is in place, the project should take off. Currently household garbage accounts for about 28% of what’s dumped in the city land fill site. The rest is primarily commercial and construction waste, as well as refuse from paper processing and sludge.

The commission particularly wants to keep items like egg cartons, construction materials, asphalt, appliances and sludge out of the landfill.

All events were taken from issues of the Arizona Daily Sun and its predecessors. The Coconino Weekly Sun and the Coconino Sun.


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