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1894: The indications are that the rainy season is about over.

John Vories of the Arizona Central Bank and George Babbitt of the mercantile firm of Babbitt Bros. have gone to Phoenix as members of the Territorial Board of the Reform School to consult with Governor Hughes about the Reform School that is to be erected at Flagstaff. It is to be one of the most imposing structures in the country and $25,000 has been appropriated for its construction. Flagstaff sandstone will be used in its construction.

H. Hock has closed up the Parlor exchange Chop House.

The Sun has secured the services of J. Morgan who is a bookbinder and is familiar with all the branches of that trade.

The Sun is now prepared to do book binding in any style at city prices. Any work left at the Sun office will be promptly attended to.

If you have a lot of magazines or any other periodicals You want bond bring them to the Sun office.

J. H. Hoskins Jr. and Charles Keller each have new Columbia bicycles.

A.E. Frankforter has put down a new sidewalk in front of his business place.

A couple of street fights occurred Wednesday night that were amusing to the bystanders.

A number of quarrymen came on Friday to work in the Arizona Sandstone Company quarry east of town.

J.W. Price had his arm badly cut by the breaking of the shaft belt at the Arizona Lumber and Timber Company mill on Saturday.

Rev. I. T. Whitemore and T.C. Moffet left for Santa Fe Thursday night. Mr. Moffet expects to return next week. In the absence of the pastor, there will be no preaching at the Presbyterian church next Sunday.

Do not wear impermeable and tight little hats that constrict the blood vessels in the scalp. Use Hall’s Renewer occasionally and you will not be bald.

The courthouse bonds will be offered for sale on Saturday. There has been considerable inquiry about these bonds and it is likely they will be sold quickly.

A large number of the pine trees on the heights west of town are dying. They commence to turn yellow at the top then gradually the entire foliage becomes affected and the tree dies.

Mr. Percival Lowell returned to Boston on Monday and expects to return in October.

There are but few vacant houses in Flagstaff at present.

Monday the Rio de Flag was the highest it has ever been. Heavy rains in the mountains on Sunday caused the unprecedented rise.

The country around here never presented a more handsome appearance than it does at present. Grass is growing everywhere and the flowers bloom in profusion.

The tax rate of Coconino County for 1894 is $2.90 on the $100 valuation. A reduction is made not withstanding the decrease in total valuation.


1919: Last Saturday one local builder was approached by five different men each of whom wanted to build new homes. The urge toward building a home over renting has had a lot of publicity.

George Babbitt has put on the market his Mount Elden Heights property where about 150 lots are being sold on the easiest terms with possession given at once and the guarantee that it will concrete sidewalks. City water and lights are of course available since the property is within city limits. Mr. Babbitt said he expects all the lots will be sold to people right here there should be no need to need to attract outsiders. Twenty-five lots have already been sold.

There are persistent rumors afloat about new commercial buildings and a big new hotel to come. In the meantime, the high prices of labor and material not withstanding this is the time of all times to build.

It is quite true that you cannot build a cheaply as you could three years ago, but then you cannot buy a suit of clothe or a pound of beef as cheaply either. And, there never has been a time when money has been so available either.

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There is also a plan to organize a corporation to build not less than 30 permanent homes of either concrete or substantial stone on the government land north of town adjoining Mr. Babbitt’s property. The U.S. Department of Interior has been asked for the use of the land and there is little doubt that it will be granted.

“20,000 in 1930.” That’s the mark to aim at. There’s nothing at all unreasonable about it.

This week the Forest Service awarded the contract to build the Oak Creek cut-off to the Miller Corporation. The over-seer J.A. Overholt said in the next few days he will have the equipment to start clearing the way. The bid was awarded to the company on the basis of $2.35 per cubic yard for moving rock and 10 cents for moving dirt. This cut-off will join up with strip of road already put in and connected with Lake Mary Road.

Lew Flagler has bought the Ed Lockwood place at 622 Aspen Ave. from the Lockwood Esrare and will move in from his ranch. This has been the home of Mr. and Mrs. Switzer for some time, but Mrs. Switzer has moved to California. Mr. Seitzer will now live with his brother W. H. Switzer.

George Babbitt Jr. left on Tuesday in his Ford Speedster for Los Angeles, where he will re-enter Loyola College for his senior year.


1969: Four days of storms brought a total of 1.07 inches of rain to the Flagstaff region by Monday making 2.82" already for this month, 1.71” above the average. We’ve already had 10.72” this year, an inch above average for the full year.

Although there was no particular damage in Flagstaff, the wind and hail that occurred in Ash Fork, Williams and at the Grand Canyon broke windows and damaged roofs in those areas.

It is estimated that about $25,000 was done in Oak Creek by the hail that fell there on Saturday. The hail failed to actually reach up into the Canyon itself where most of the agricultural land is and where it would have been really serious.

Flagstaff has come through the first 10 months of having the interstate pass it in excellent shape. Many tourist firms are reporting that business is better than ever. Full utilization of the interchanges by the traveling public will benefit Flagstaff as a whole.

The Butler off-ramp has many advantages and it seem unfortunate to have it signed as a “truck exit only”. The exit gives good access to east Flagstaff and its businesses. Persistent efforts need to be made to insist that a change be made to regular exit sign.

A major problem is that there is not adequate access to Route 66 and the services available on it. Also a part of the road is not paved and there is a lack of appropriate traffic signals.

Sheriff J. Perry Francis said Monday a 29-year old laborer is being held in connection with the theft last Saturday night of between $600 and $800 from the residence of a South San Francisco Street grocer. James L. Potee is accused of entering the house of Delfino Contreras and taking a metal strong box full of cash. He was arrested a few hours later at a South San Francisco Street club.

Sheriff Francis said that while checking membership cards he noticed that Potee’s wallet was bulging with a considerable amount of cash. He was taken to the Sheriff’s Office for questioning and it was found that the wallet contained $366 in currency.

At first he said the money had been sent to him by his mother and later admitted that it had come from the Contreras house.

Albert Michelback sustained a possible concussion early Monday morning when he was struck by a car driven by Mrs. Mary Faye Lions of Clark Homes. He stopped to pick up something while crossing Birch Street near Emerson School when he was hit. He believed he was uninjured, but became ill later while at school and was then taken to the Flagstaff Hospital.

This is Freshman Week at Arizona State Teachers College in Flagstaff. All indications are that there will be a capacity enrollment. The dormitories set aside for men are already overflowing. Freshman registrations began on Wednesday.

National Park officials are attempting to determine the extent of the damage caused by Thursday's flash floods. The floods swept away a barn, corral and bridge at Indian Gardens. The Bright Angel Trail is also damaged. The storm dumped an inch and a half of rain at the canyon.


1994: The City Council is considering a proposal to divert the Rio de Flag to protect the city particularly South Flag, from potential flooding. Several Southside merchants and businesses want the Rio de Flag rerouted because the river has created a flood plain area that forces property owners to comply with expensive building restrictions.

The 44,387 people who walked into the Flagstaff's Center this summer mark the highest number since the Chamber of Commerce began recording visitor traffic in 1986. Some of this may be the center’s new location at 101 Route 66 with its better visibility and better parking. This contrasts with the lower motel room occupancy here and lower visitation numbers at the Grand Canyon. All the same there is the revenue increase from the BBB Tax is up for the fiscal year which begins on July 1.

The Flagstaff Medical Center is organizing a health-maintenance organization to compete with the large health-care organizations that are already in the local market by joining with seven other non-profit hospitals from around the state to offer this service.

Wonderful two-bed room home with an open living area. Skylights and deck overlooking treed yard. $79,900. Villageland Shoppe.

The Centennial Committee is trying to organize a New Year’s Eve Celebration in downtown Flagstaff and become part of the the celebration in about 120 U. S. and Canadian cities. A group of volunteers is needed to organize events. It is a wonderful way to get everyone downtown to celebrated for a last event of our Centennial Year. Kris Swanson special events coordinator for the Convention and Visitors bureau.

When Dennis Connell of the Flagstaff Police Dept. called the Flagstaff Medical Center to inquire after the condition of of Sgt. Tarr who suffered a stomach wound Sunday night in the course of duty, after a while the call was answered by Tarr himself. He gave the report on himself saying “ I don’t know if I am grave, serious or just hungry.” He is in intermediate care and visitors are discouraged.

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