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Flagstaff History


1893: from the Coconino Sun – Dec. 21, 1893

Christmas will be a jolly time for the children of Flagstaff. Miss Laura Hoxworth, who has taught the a successful Kindergarten, will entertain the “Little Tots” who have attended with a Christmas Tree this Friday afternoon from to 2 to 3 p.m.

Know all men by these presents, that we the undersigned, have this day voluntarily associated ourselves together for the purpose of forming a corporation under the laws of the Territory of Arizona and we here - by certify – The names of the incorporators are C. F. Howard, P. M. Riodan, M. J. Riodan and F.W. Sisson and that the name of the corporation shall be the Howard Sheep Company and the name of the principal place of transacting business is Flagstaff, Coconino County, Arizona.

Sheriff Donahue brought in from Williams on Wednesday a prisoner, sentenced by Justice Johnson to 30 days in the county jail for stealing coal.

Will Babbitt returned from Kansas City where he had gone with a shipment of cattle. The prices realized were satisfactory and Babbitt Bros. will continue shipments there.

The time lock for the county treasurer’s safe has arrived and with this addition the county money will now have secure receptacle.

Mr. C. E. Boyce has gone to California with several carloads of cattle.

Mr. L. L. Ferrell, chief clerk of the A. & P. just moved into the cottage next to R. B. Burns. Mr. C. Perry, the trainmaster, now occupies the car which Mr. Ferrell has just vacated.

Another prisoner escaped from the Mohave County Jail at Kingman by cutting a hole through the roof.

Two weeks ago, James Allen heard that a man had stolen one of his horses and that the thief was headed south. He made for Phoenix arriving in time to catch the thief before he had sold the horse. The thief, Channey Townsend, was brought here on Monday from Phoenix by James Allen and will remain behind bars until court starts to answer a charge of horse stealing, Justice Price having held him here at our jail.

On June 21, 1887, The Atlantic & Pacific Railroad Company filed a list of the sections in the indemnity strip of their grant for lands lost by inclusion in an Indian Reservation. We now learn this claim has been rejected.



We wish it to you early because the SUN will not shine again until the Day has passed.

As the years go by, the year “1918” will be marked with a big red cross, growing brighter and brighter: the year when all staked for a world of peace and that there might be “Good Will” on earth toward all men.

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A small barn and woodshed, on rear of the George Black residence on Birch and Humphrey, was discovered in full blaze last Friday night at 11 p.m. The fire crew was soon on the job and prevented the flames from spreading to other buildings, but the blazing building itself was too far gone. There was nothing of value lost except the firewood and building itself. No one knew how the fire originated.

After a short, but valiant, fight against the combined attacks of influenza and double pneumonia, Mr. Ernest Lange succumbed to the Grim Reaper on Thursday morning. He came here as young man in 1896 from Marshfield, Wisconsin hearing “The Call of The West." He became involved in the cattle and stock business and then last May became the city marshall for the town of Flagstaff. Our city today suffers the loss of an official it could ill afford to lose. Funeral arrangements await the arrival of family members from Chicago, San Francisco and Portland.

The city council has accepted with regret the resignation of Judge J. E. Jones as city attorney. Mr. Francis Crable has been elected as his successor. Mayor Slipher noted that there will be considerable work for the new incumbent in the next few months in connection with the new sewer project. The council also elected J. C. Milligan as police magistrate.

The Orpheum Theater requested a refund of taxes paid during the six weeks of time the Orpheum was required to be closed due to the influenza epidemic with the refund to be applied to future license fees.

The Electric Vacuum Cleaner is DIFFERENT -- It EATS the dust instead of stirring it up to settle down again. It takes up all the dirt instead of just the surface dirt. It is less labor and is more effective than sweeping with a broom. HOT POINT ELECTRIC CLEANERS -- only $30 -– at the Flagstaff Electric Company.

Several years ago quite a few in Flagstaff pledged themselves to establish the pretty English custom of placing a lighted candle in the window on Christmas Eve. Year by year an increasing number of our people have followed this old time custom. Let this year be a year that sees even more of these bright little candles flashing their message of goodwill to each passerby.

Let’s not follow those who are advertising their wish to eliminate Santa Claus because it is a “German Custom.”


1943: It’s been snowing off and on all week.

W. R. Raudebaugh, city magistrate, received his appointment as U.S. Commissioner at Flagstaff on Dec. 2, 1943. He will hold the office for four years and succeeds Francis Decker, who recently resigned.

Frank Cruz paid a $25 fine in City Magistrate W. R. Raudebaugh’s Court on Monday. He was charged with reckless driving within city limits when his car skidded 185 feet on dry pavement at the under pass on Santa Fe Avenue. Highway patrolman E.E. Recos, investigated the accident and estimated the damage to Cruz’s car at between $300 and $400.

Three juvenile boys, who stole the car of C.C. Benton on Monday were apprehended in Albuquerque on Tuesday. Sheriff Francis said the boys will be turned over to the F.B.I. on the Dyer Act.

This week’s state-wide mobilization of the Civil Air Patrol in Phoenix also marked the occasion of a mass swearing-in ceremony of 45, 17 year olds from across the State of Arizona.

Not enough good seed oats and wheat to supply the needs for 1944. However, there is still some good locally grown seed oats available.


1968: IT’S GOING TO BE WHITE CHRISTMAS. Roads west and east of town are being cleared and here in Flagstaff there are the usual slippery places and backups of traffic. Crews are hard at work and roads should be in pretty good travel shape by Christmas Day itself.

Flagstaff’s American Legion Post No. 3 will host its annual Children’s Christmas party on Saturday beginning at 9 pm at both the Orpheum Theater and Flag East Theatres. Admission will be one can of food to be given to needy families at Christmas. The events include a series of movies and refreshments. Both the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1709 and the Flagstaff Elks Lodge are assisting in this event.

Flagstaff continues to be plagued with the flu virus that has spread to epidemic proportions across the nation taking hundreds of lives and sending people to bed with aches and pains in places they never knew they had. Dr. William Thomas, Coconino Health Officer, said that the “bug” has not been definitely isolated as the “Hong Kong” variety.

Are you one of the 695 persons contacted by interviewers to solicit your thoughts for the Consumer Attitude survey? If you are, the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce asks for your cooperation in learning more about how we are thinking about our town.


1993: Downtown faces a downfall as the lowest bidder on the “Face Lift” came in at $7.53 million against the estimated $6.88 million. With the city budget deficiency at a low point, the improvements that include: the much needed better drainage, and goes on to bricked sidewalks, handicapped curb cuts and new plantings as well as new traffic signals, phone booths and washing building sides to reveal old advertising paintings isn’t going to happen soon.

The city has approved the $45,000 bid to build a new Visitor Center in the Amtrak Station.

The city is still looking into working on a restoration of Walnut Canyon and its interesting relics of Indian art and their buildings cut into the canyon walls. It has been a dumping ground for debris for decades and it will take a lot of will to create a site worthy of the increased interest in our earlier inhabitants. It will also require gaining the interest of the National Park Service.

FUSD Superintendent Kent Matheson has outlined a program to restore the cuts made in Flagstaff School programs four years ago. Voters will soon be asked to increase their real estate taxes to re-fund our schools at a higher degree. A recent survey shows that we are ready to improve the education of our children.

A report from Valle says that even though it is eight months since the most recent earthquake the ground there is still a bit shaky at intervals.

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