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125 Years Ago

From 1892 – Parties returning from San Juan Placers are saying it is hard road to travel and the claims are hard to get for all the rumors of “Gold by the Handful.” It is about as hard to get out of the placers as it is to get by the more familiar process of sawing wood. Messrs. Fletcher Fairchild, Geo. P. Thornton and Will Babbitt, all reliable men, have returned from that section and have have furnished the first reliable information. They find that the Arizona & Utah Mining Company have located all the good ground.

While going down the steep grade to Jerome Thursday, Freighter Brash’s rough lock-chain broke, allowing the wagon to “run on his team” and resulting in the killing of two of his horses. The off wheeler was thrown down and killed instantly and the wagon lodged against it, preventing the entire team and wagon from being drawn over the grade and 500 or 600 feet down the precipitous hill.

It is officially stated that the contract for the survey of Ft. Valley Military Reservation has been let and that the survey is to be completed no later than January 1, 1893. The work will be done by Deputy U. S. Surveyor Daniel Drummons, who has been sent from Washington D. C for this purpose.

A bill has been introduced in the U. S. House to increase the tax on whiskey from 90 cents to $1.25 per gallon. Those who are in the know say there is no probability of increasing this tax more than 10 cents per gallon.

The coldest morning this month was on the 7th, when the thermometer registered 5 degrees below zero.

100 Years Ago

From 1917 – Quite a number went out skating the first of the week on the George Black Pond just north of town. The skater reported the ice “bum” and will wait until colder weather before venturing out again.

Joe Tissaw was painfully injured Wednesday while working in the new Babbitt Storehouse. He was adjusting a lighting fixture when the screwdriver slipped and penetrated his left eye. Although seriously injured it is thought the sight of the eye can be saved.

Get a ticket on the $350 Howard piano to be given away at Sullivan & Taylor’s on Christmas Eve. One ticket with each $1 purchase.

The Cornan Employment Agency shipped six men Wednesday to work on the Clarkdale Railroad laying steel.

Sheriff Dickinson and County Attorney Wilson left Wednesday for Florence with Florentino Pedroza, Ruben Gonzales and Mark Baubian, who were sentenced to terms in the penitentiary in the Superior Court on Monday.

John Thomas arrived in town on Wednesday from Oak Creek saying that roadwork is going on in Oak Creek Canyon and will be continued throughout the winter. He also said he and his brother Low lost 5,000 pounds of apples last season on account of not being able to procure help in gathering them.

As a result of the conference held Monday with the Board of Trade and the County Supervisors, an application has been made for $6,000 from the Federal Aid Road Fund to be used in constructing a piece of road that will connect the lower Oak Creek with the Oak Creek Road near the rim. Starting one mile below the pumphouse, the road will run west about a mile and then southwest until it connects with the present Oak Creek road about one-half-mile above the rim. With a maximum grade of 6 percent it is the estimate of the Engineer that no bridges will be necessary.

75 years ago

From 1942 – Coffee rationing is now in effect.

The National Red Cross is urging the prompt completion of knitted garments so they can be shipped as soon as possible. Our deadline here has been set as December 15. Mrs. W. M. Bryant, Flagstaff Production Coordinator.

George Peffer, who appeared before Justice of the Peace J. C. Maxwell on Monday, was charged with aggravated assault and battery and was bound over to the Superior Court on a $1,000 bond after his preliminary hearing. It is alleged that he struck Louis Burns with a steel rod inflicting wounds and severe bruises. He is being held in the county jail pending the fall term of the court.

Tom Tombough, Commander of Civilian Defense in this area, will give the first of a series of lessons in a series on civilian defense in the case of a gas attack in the Red Cross Rooms on Leroux Street next Monday evening.

Flagstaff ignored the request to eat less meat and now faces enforced compliance from the Office of Price Administration.

The Forest Service has been very active in gathering abandoned metal junk in the forest and has now sold 283 tons.

The Arizona Highway Department has accepted the work completed on Fort Valley Road. Most other projects are being delayed by the war. Oiling of roads is to be held up for the duration of the war. The Supervisor is asking for concrete surfacing on Highway 66 given the heavy use between Flagstaff and Bellemont due to the work going on at the Navajo Ordnance Depot and the amount of freeze, thawing and icy roads conditions during northern Arizona winters.

In a Friday night ceremony the 15 Nurses Aides received their certificates of graduation from the Red Cross following a dinner the Hotel Monte Vista at 6:30 at which time graduates were guests of Mrs. Harold S. Colton. Dr. Harold S. Colton presided as toastmaster.

Attention: Trucker drivers, if you did not receive anticipated annual amount of gasoline in your application, do not raise your inquiries to the local Flagstaff rationing board. Any questions about an additional amount of gasoline is to be directed to E. F. Korbell, Box 551 Phoenix.

50 Years Ago

From 1967 – Through the efforts of Bill Rogers, Flagstaff and Sedona residents who have loved ones overseas can send messages to them this Christmas season via Military Affiliate Radio Service. Rogers, who operates Rogers Electronics, has a “ham” shack out in Hidden Hollow off the Fort Valley Road and takes telephone calls at 774-3916, saying this phone is manned most of the time and urging anyone who does not get a reply to try again. He is happy to send messages free of charge.

With some patches of blue overhead, the accumulation of 47 inches of snow outside seems more beautiful. Snow removal equipment has been working around the clock and most streets are open at this point. U.S. 66 from Flagstaff east is closed. The Coconino Sheriff’s Office received word that the highway is also closed from the New Mexico border almost to Albuquerque. West of Flagstaff U.S. 66 is open from the Coconino-Mohave County line to Seligman but it is rough with chains strongly advised.

The gloom at the state capital isn’t entirely the fault of the weather with its rain and frigid temperatures. Legislators' pay has ended and they still haven’t passed a school finance and tax reform package. They are now working without a paycheck coming.

The Air National Guard is preparing for an emergency hay drop Sunday on Hopi reservation where the storm has isolated stock without food. A C-123 cargo plane has been made available for this. The Bureau of Indian Affairs is coordinating this mission.

Santa’s Sleigh got stuck in the snow preventing his expected visit to the Oak Creek Canyon Chamber of Commerce last week. He will try again and weather permitting will arrive at the Sedona Elks Lodge for the annual Elks Lodge Christmas Party for children. It is open to all children in community under 12 years of age.

25 years ago

From 1992 – Some 1993 Coconino County property assessments have gone through the roof and so have some of the property owners. County Assessor Betty Peck said that the 6.4 percent overall increase is nothing out of the ordinary but some homeowners find themselves remarkably above that average. Those who feel their assessment is inaccurate have until January 25 to apply for a reassessment.

With the cooperation of several local bars and restaurants, the Citizens Against Substance Abuse and the Coconino Sheriff’s Department have joined forces to single out designated drivers and to reward those who resist the urge to join their friends in drinking alcoholic beverages with free non-alcoholic beverages so they may drive their friends safely home.

Given that DUI arrests have doubled in just the past year it is evident that there are increasing numbers of us who are willing to flirt with tragedy.

Although there have been some complaints over the city policy since September of not picking up bulky trash every week it has led to a more effective, efficient operation and use of manpower. “We are looking for ways to be more productive without increasing costs,” said Solid Waste Superintendent Ben Fisk. A special bulky trash pickup is now scheduled on a rotating around town basis for every fourth week. Be sure to put your bulkies out on Monday of your week as the particular day depends on the amount picked up before the crew gets to you.

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, it costs a bit more to live in Flagstaff. An ASU study recently released for 1991 showed Flagstaff overall at precisely 3 percent above the national average. Health care rate is 18 percent above national average, housing 9 percent and groceries 2 percent. Other studies that include Flagstaff with the entire West show that health care in the West is higher overall than it is in the eastern part of our country.


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